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Hello my pretty athletes!  How is everyone doing this week?

Columbus has been hit with some serious humidity this past week and I’m not even exaggerating.  We’ve had heat advisories pretty much all week long.  Sometimes I don’t think people take heat advisories seriously.  Heat advisories happen when the humidity combines with the heat causing it to feel much hotter thus creating a heat index.  Most of the week the actual temp has been in the high 80s to low 90s, yet with the humidity, the heat index has been around the 100 mark.  Meaning people should stay in air conditioned spaces and avoid places with poor ventilation.

Basically it’s DANG hot and just because the temp is technically 85, it can in reality be hotter than that.  People need to take that into consideration and plan accordingly.  Uh, apparently I have strong opinions about that!  I just get frustrated when people don’t pay attention to the weather and then wonder why it’s so hot or folks start passing out.

Let’s stop crabbing about the weather and talk about exercise!

Monday I only had a short time to get a workout done, so I did Level 2 of Jillian’s Shred.  Apparently it’s been a long time since I’ve done Shred because I was totally feeling that 20 minutes!

Tuesday, I cranked out 8 miles.  Yeah baby!  My legs were a little tight afterwards so I pulled out my new Zensha sleeves and wore those for the rest of the evening.  They are amazing and I can’t wait to write up a review on them.

Wednesday, my legs were still a bit tight causing me to nix a run.  I did 30 minutes of yoga and some weights with Jackie’s DVD.  I get the yoga programs from  They have a ton of different kinds of yoga workouts and their 20 minute classes are FREE! You should check them out if you like yoga and don’t mind doing stuff at home.

Thursday, I got up and the humidity was crazy!  My legs were tired and I was tired, so I did a nice shortie 3.5 run.  I was soaked with sweat!  This was my first chance to actually wear my new sunglasses during a run.  They worked out really well but did make my face sweat a bit.

Friday was a much needed rest day!

Saturday, I did another short run since I missed a run on Wednesday.  I think the humidity was like 87% that morning.  Crazy!  Scott got up and went with me, squeee!  He’s been working hard and until late at night so he’s missed runs with me in the mornings.  I liked having him with me on Saturday morning!

Sunday, LONG RUN day.  Today was no joke friends.  NO JOKE.

At 6am this morning the temp was 71F with a real feel of 81F and the humidity at 94%.  Uh, can we say hot mess?  This definitely called for me to break out the CamelBak.  I was trying to figure out how to prevent the one strap from rubbing my shoulder raw again.  I applied Body Glide and then wrapped a bandanna around the area that bothers me.  The problem is that the area that rubs me is where the tag was, and when I cut it off not all of the plastic thingie came off.  So it’s actually the plastic piece that is bothering me.  The bandanna worked alright but I still had a mark at the end of my run.

I rose to the challenge the weather laid out today and completed 11 miles.  HOLLA!  It was hot and my pace was slower due to the heat and the added weight of my CamelBak but I did squeek those 11 miles out under 2 hours.  It was 1:59 to be exact but I will take it!

That picture above was taken after my run which should be evident due to my sweaty neck and glistening face.  I wasn’t really feeling that chipper though.  I pretty much felt like this:

Yeah, I was zonked.  But I quickly refueled before heading back out to walk Rocky.

Chocolate soymilk for the win!  After every workout you will find me drinking this delicious nectar.  Most especially in the summer because I sweat and lose fluids more than in the winter.  I’ve been doing this for over two years now. :D

Not only did I have that glass but then I had another glass.  Oh yeah!

After my shower I put on my Zensah sleeves again and chilled out on the couch.

So tell me loves, how was your week?

10 thoughts on “Personal Sauna

  1. I had to do a few runs in those heat advisories. I stayed close to the house so I could get water if I needed it :)

    Was the mark on your shoulder not as bad as before?

  2. Incredibly impressed that you are able to get out into this heat and do things.

    Wow, the choc soymilk, huh? Are you sure you didn’t steal that idea from someone else?

    Mwa ha ha ha ha ha.

  3. Wow, I’m a totally impressed that you actually got out in this heat and ran. I can’t handle it!
    My week was OK, a little too busy for my liking, but I got through it.

    Good job on the long run, sister!

  4. Way to get those runs in! It has been so miserable out – so today was such a nice treat! I wish every day was like today!

    So, are you digging the Zensah sleeves?

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