November 10th, 2009: Taking it easy

Hello my pumpkins! Oh how I have missed you all!  I hope that you are doing well. :D  I apologize for no updates but I promise you that Lori and I were going nonstop all day long each day.  I just didn’t have a moment to blog before crashing in bed at the end of the day.  I wanted to update but my philosophy was to enjoy as much as I could first and foremost.  If that meant a lack of posts, then so be it because I would be able to write upon my return.  I know you all understand!  Updates will be soon and they will be their own posts, not a part of the daily eats stuff.

Let’s get started!  I will start with yesterday actually and move into day since there really isn’t a whole lot to each day. :p  This is what happens when you’re exhausted!


My flight on Monday was leaving at 11:40 and Lori and I decided to just get to the airport early and settle in there.  I packed the night before and finished packing Monday morning after I got up.  My crackhead moment came when I was setting my iPhone alarm.  I set it for 6:10am, however I forgot that my phone was still on Ohio time and not Cali time.  Ohioians are go getters and we are a full three hours ahead of Cali.  If you are quick at math (unlike myself), then you realized that my alarm actually went off at 3am. :o  Naturally I didn’t realize this until I had been up and started going about my business.  Thankfully I was able to crawl back in bed and get a little bit more sleep!

I will tell you up front that there are some things I don’t have pictures of.  Things we have all seen and do I really need to show you a banana on an airport table?  I think not.  I also happened to be chatting with my loves at the time and friends, he is more important than a banana photo.  You dig?

After an rather interesting van shuttle ride to the airport, during which I serenaded Lori with The Wheels on the Bus ( you will have to ask her how it went over, I am a bit biased.), we arrived at the airport with plenty of time to get settled.  I went through security where they told me I had to take off my hoodie because naturally I could be carrying crazy devices in it.  Makes total sense.  I walked to my terminal and the waiting area was so small, that there were about six seats for it. :lol:  However it was a big flight and loaded down.  I had to buy a bag to hold some of my extra goodies, of which you’ll see soon, and was worried about overhead space.  Thankfully it was not an issue and I settled in for the 3.5 hour flight.

This flight went so much better!  No upset tum or the feeling that I was about to hurl any second.  I could actually look out my window and enjoy some of the view.  We flew over huge (which doesn’t even really describe the enormity of the space) areas of desert and rock.  It was amazing and totally unpopulated.  There was nothing around at all.  Occasionally there would be a little cluster of some houses but that was few and far between.  There were factories of some sort planted here and there like this one.

Desert Factory

Taken from the plane, not shabby right?  But there was nothing around it so I would have to assume that the people who work at the factory also live there because there were no houses around it at all.  Not even close by.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t “sick”, flying does give me wicked headaches and causes me to be a little light headed feeling.  As much as I wanted to look at more scenery, I had to sort of conk out in order to keep the head woes in check.

Another concern of mine on this trip was making my connecting flight.  I only had 1/2 an hour leeway and since planes board 1/2 hour before takeoff I was a bit nervous.  The Flying Gods or Mo’ Nature was looking down upon me though because we had the wind at our backs causing my flight to come in early.  :woohoo:  I was able to hit the restroom, refill my water bottle, and text with Scott while waiting to board the flight that would take me back home to Cbus.

My flight from Chicago to Cbus was short and sweet, thank Jeebus.  It was on a little plane, the kind where the pilot has to peddal really fast and pull on a lawnmower-like pull to get it started?  Yeah, that.  This flight was a little bit more bumpy and towards the end of it I was definitely ready to be done flying.  I was so glad it was short!  And I was so glad to see the Midwest.  I missed you Midwest and your crazy ways!

My hunnies picked me up and I promptly collapsed into the car.  I was starving and tired by this point but it didn’t make me cranky, I was too excited to be on the ground again I think.

I chatted Scott’s ear off and finally got to see my Rock of Lovemuffin who was clearly mad at mama.  He gave me some nubbies and smelled me over but was trying to control his excitement and pout instead.  Too funny!  I quickly unpacked and then made a beeline for the kitchen for some eats.  Simpled scrambled eggs along with an Ezek muffin.  I was full and happy!  Then I went to bed, hooray my own bed!


Rocky let me sleep in till 9am this morning.  Can I get an AMEN?!  I took care of him and then poured myself some coffee and made a yogurt mess.

coffee, yogurt and granola

Stoneyfield French Vanilla, homemade granola, and a red delicious.  I was a little over zealous and made a ton that I couldn’t finish.  I realized that I have become a granola snob, preferring my own over others.  I was so thrilled to eat my own granola it was almost silly. :D

And then I putzed around for the rest of the day.  I sat at the computer getting caught up on mail and other items, and also trying to get my headache to go away.  It takes me about a good 24 hours to recover from flying and get my head back to normal (You can laugh at that if you want. ;) ).  I have no idea why flying and I don’t gel but it is what it is.

Eventually I got hungry and wanted something comforting.

loaded veggie soup

I made a HUGE pot of veggie soup.

  • Tomato and chicken stock base
  • Onions
  • Green pepper
  • Carrot
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Corn
  • Peas
  • Lima beans

So good and totally what I needed.

asiago cheese bagel

Half an asiago cheese bagel for carb goodness.

My bagel wasn’t enough and my bod said, “Please give us more carby cheese goodness.”

Cheese crackers Who am I to argue?  So I obliged!

After kitchen clean up, I took Rocky for a walk.  Then I showered and put on fresh jammies.  Now it’s time to get snugs with my two boys!  I missed them so much!  I’m about to make dinner and will post that tomorrow, I missed you all too much to wait on posting. :D

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  1. Hey lovely lady! So happy to see you back safe and sound and even more thrilled that you had a complete and utter BLAST! Well, I knew you would of course! :)

    Can’t wait to read the recaps. Missed you girly!

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