August 14th, 2009: Owly

Hi gang! Yesterday all I kept thinking about were chips.


Why not have a few?  I pulled out some salt&vinegar baked chips from the pantry and had a party.  YUM!

Last night Scott and I made a snap decision to head over to Hunan Lion for Chinese food.

Me and menu

Yeah, the menus are HUGE!  But they are glorious so I don’t mind.  My eating habits and preferences have changed a bit since the last time we were out for Chinese and I was curious to see what I would be able to get.


Scott started off the evening with a Sapporo that I had a few sips of but not many because I didn’t really care for it.  Too light of a beer for this chick.

We got appetizers, Thai shrimp dumplings with a sweet spicy chili sauce.

Thai Shrimp DumplingsThai Shrimp dumpling

I had three of these bad boys because they were freaking amazing.  I loved them!  They were light and slightly crispy and the sauce was a perfect combination of spicy and sweet.  So good!

Scott got Kung Po Shrimp and scallops.

Kung Po Shrimp and Scallops

I was sad to see that there were no veggies with his meal!  Wha?!!  Nothing.  But he was loaded up on shrimp and scallops.  I was proud of him when he said, “Oh, I should have gotten brown rice instead.”  Awww  I think he was especially jealous because he only got a little bowl of rice while I got a huge honkin’ plate of brown rice.  The boy is powered by rice so he kept eyeing up my plate.  I finally let him have some.

My main meal was Schezuan seafood with extra veggies with the previously mentioned brown rice.

Spicy shrimp and scallops

It looks yummy, yes?  It was pretty good but very spicy for me!  I was chugging the water like crazy but that’s okay but Hunan Lion has a guy who’s job is to walk around filling up water glasses and he does a fantastic job.  I was never out of water!  However I did have two incidents of the ice in my glass getting stuck and then becoming unstuck while I was drinking.  Klassy! Thankfully no water made it to my shirt, only all over my face.

My extra veggies weren’t so extra so I was a little disappointed about that.  Basically what I look for in a dinner is a gigantic amount of veg and a small amount of protein which I’m assuming is opposite of normal.  I had two small spoonfuls of rice with my meal probably not even 1/2 a cup of rice total.  I brought a lot home.

MeMeA in action, look out!  I was hungry and not waiting around before digging in.

I ate till I was content and I stopped at the perfect time.  The spicy bean sauce was getting a little funny tasting towards the end and I didn’t care for how that tasted.  I picked out a few veggies (a carrot) but stopped because I didn’t want it and the taste was off.  We packed up the leftovers and I passed on the fortune cookie because it had partially hydrogenated oil in it.  Ew.

After dinner we made a quick run to TJ Maxx but didn’t stay long because I had to PEE and there are not restrooms there.  I did snag some cuties though.

Owl plates

Looky!  We love owls so I was jumping all over these dishes!  And I totally dig on the 70s style colors too.  They are probably meant for fall because they already had their fall stuff out.  But whatevs, I’m using them all year long!

When we got home, we walked Rocky quick and then I went right up to bed.  I talked with Scott for a while and then I was alseep by 10:30.  Rock on Friday Night!

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