Feet on the Street: Meghann

Graduate Meghann

Graduate Meghann

Feet on the Street feature for May, is Meghann of The Inner Workings of a College Graduate.  Meghann’s blog is very popular among the foodies and it wasn’t long until I had to pop over and see what was going on! She’s gearing up for her first marathon at the end of this month, wow!

1.  How long have you been running and what got you out the door to take that first run?

I started running in January of 2008. I was lazy and depressed about a post-college weight gain. I was ready to make a change and decided running would be the best place to start. My first runs were very slow with lots of walking breaks, but with each run I started going farther for longer. My addiction became evident as I actually began to look forward to each run. I started running to lose weight and I continue to run to keep my sanity. :)

2. On days that seem blah or you just don’t feel like a run, where do you find your motivation?  What helps you to keep running?

I find the best motivation for running is the end result. It’s knowing that even though I feel blah now, when I finish that run I will feel like I am on cloud nine. Running is where I spend my morning thinking and planning out my day. It’s my alone time where it’s just me and the road, without it I would feel lost. To keep challenging myself with running I enter local races and events. Training for the races gets me out of bed and gives me a new, fresh approach to running. Whether it be for a short or long distance each run is unique and always worth it.



3. Now, on to shoes!  What kind of running shoes are you wearing?  And what kind of shoe are they?

Right now I am running in Asic Gel Landreth’s. They are awesome! As a neutral shoe they have the perfect flexibility and stiffness for my feet.

4. Where did you purchase your shoes?  If you went to a running store, were the sales people helpful?  How did they help you find the perfect shoe?

My first pair of running shoes lasted me almost a year. I had bought them at a discounted price and literally ran them into the ground. When it came time to start training for my marathon I knew a new pair was in order and this time I would make sure they were the right shoes for me. I headed to the local running store, Track Shack, and spent close to an hour with a salesman as he explained to me which shoes would work for my feet and had me try on several different pairs until I found the ones that were the most comfortable and practical for my marathon. It was a truly enlightening experience and I know from now on I will always purchase my running shoes from there thanks to the high level of attention and service. My shoes worked out great and could not fit better.

5. You are currently training for your first marathon, which is very exciting and a big runner’s moment!  What inspired you to run a full marathon?

I had been toying with the idea of running a marathon for a couple of months. After reading so many fellow bloggers out there and their inspiring marathon stories I started getting the idea that I could do this, I could run a marathon. A fellow runner had seen the desire in my eyes for a marathon and suggested for my first marathon I run with Team in Training. They would help me training for the marathon and I would raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society along the way. After some hard thinking I signed up and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

6. Are you following a specific training program to help you increase your miles?   And are you excited about hitting your first 20 mile run?

I am following the training plan set out by Team in Training. It is a plan designed for beginning marathoners and takes you up on mileage very slowly. I am scared to death of the first 20 mile run and am unsure how I will survive it. lol Luckily I have an awesome running partner who pushes me to keep going. I know she will help me survive those 20 milers. Once I have completed one that will feel like an amazing accomplishment in itself!

7.  If a new runner came to you seeking advice because they were a bit nervous about starting a training program and running for the first time, what advice would you pass along to them?

I would tell them to start off slow and easy. There is no need to rush and start off running 5 miles in a sub 9 minute pace. When I first started I was slow and would take several walking breaks. I would get frustrated and wonder why I was out there, but each week little by little I would improve and to this day I still see little changes every time I run. It’s easy to get frustrated, but it takes courage and effort to right through it and not give up. Time is a wonderful thing and with running you should always feel like you have all the time in the world to accomplish your goals.

8. Just for fun!  Name some of your favorite running gear.  What is your favorite color and do you try to get gear in that color if possible?

My favorite running gear would be my CamerBak for hydration, my Garmin so I can track my distance, pace, time and heart rate, my Gracie’s Gear Sports Bra because it holds all of my stuff in a little front pocket and of course I would not be able to run anywhere with my shoes! ;) My favorite color is blue and I try my hardest to get as much gear as possible in that color. I think that’s why I love my CamelBak so much because it’s very blue and pretty.

9. Do you listen to music while you run?  If so, what songs keep you moving?

I have such an eclectic mix when I run I am almost embarrassed to admit it! I love listening to fast pace country, pop and most of all showtunes! I have the soundtracks to Mama Mia, Dream Girls, Rent, Hairspray and so many others on my Ipod and I like to sing along as I run. I have tried running to rap music because it’s suppose to be great fast paced music to run too, but I have learned if you can’t stand listening to it in the car then you are not going to be able to stand it on your run.

10. And lastly, any pre-race rituals or must-haves?

Before every race I always have to have a bagel with nut butter and an apple. I have found that’s the perfect amount of simple sugars, carbs and protein to keep me kicking through any race. I also always make sure to get up early to take care of business in the bathroom. My worst fear is not being able to and have the problem present itself on the course. I think it’s a fear all runners have.lol

Meghann accomplished her first 20 mile run! What an amazing achievement!   You can read about it here.

Please head over to Meghann’s blog and watch her get ready for her first marathon at the end of the month.  Congrats Meghann and good luck!

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