February 25th, 2009: Dinner

Hi guys!  I’m running late and I’ve got to bust this out before hitting SF class tonight.  Dinner was perfect and totally hit the spot.  Plus it was simple and quick!

<3 <3

<3 <3

I made ahi tuna steaks that I had marinating in a mix of:

  • Red wine vinegar
  • Soy sauce
  • Lime juice
  • Sea salt
  • Black pepper
  • Horseradish
  • Ground mustard
  • Ground ginger
  • Curry powder

Along side was some swiss chard sautéed up in some olive oil with a touch of red pepper flakes and chopped pepperoncinis added.  A can of diced tomatoes with garlic and a splash of chicken stock.  The “sauce” was for some whole wheat spaghetti.  Some toasted pine nuts sprinkled on top.

more chard

more chard

I love how my tuna steak is good for the heart and is shaped like a heart! :D  I ate half the heart and all of my pasta. Then I went back for another bit of pasta, mostly I wanted the chard.  YUM!  And I totally listened to my body this time too.  It wanted more green and less tuna.  Therefore I’ve got leftover tuna for lunch tomorrow.  I’m not over stuffed nor did the pasta seem to cause any bloat.  YaY!  Now for class!

4 thoughts on “February 25th, 2009: Dinner

  1. At first glance I was wondering if I’d celebrated Valentine’s Day too early, but then I read on. I love fish but I do not like salmon or tuna (tuna in a can is ok).

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