January 29th, 2009: Dinner

Hi guys!  Rocky’s walk was slow going but at least he got to get outside and stretch his legs.  Some people didn’t shovel so we had to trudge through the snow but it’s all good.  I even got Scott to go out with us!  I love when he walks with us, it’s much more fun. :cheerful:

When we got back from the walk I decided it was a good time for tea!  And I was a wee bit munchie.

so good

so good

I had some peppermint tea with 2% fage mixed with some apricot preserves (all natural, no HFCS) with two prunes.  This was awesome!  I loved the combo of the preserves with the fage, just like peach fage.  Hooray!  No doubt this will start showing up more in my diet.

I did some work and sent out some emails and did some birthday investigating which led to bummer news.  Something I have been so trying to get for Scott just is not working out and it’s frustrating me.  I’ll have to try other means.

Then I fed Rocky and got started on our dinner.  Everything was roasted in the oven tonight, easy cleanup!  While dinner was roasting, we had fizzies, fishies, and 7 grain pretzel sticks.



My fizzie was mostly lemon/lime seltzer mixed with a splash of blood orange Italian soda.  I like the seltzer better when it’s flat which is so odd for me because I absolutely hate flat pop.  But love the seltzer flat and can drink it straight up even!  Weird.

dinner time

dinner time

Finally dinner was ready!  Salmon with roasted carrots, sugar snap peas, and carrots.  YUM!  I ate all my veggies but not all the salmon.  Along with another fizzie.  Mmm I love fish nights. :D

Question!  I have this class ring that was my dad’s. It was slightly too big on me but now it’s really too big on me.

What you doin' mom?

What you doin' mom?

Do you think I would be able to get it resized?  I would love to be able to wear it on occasion but if I have to only wear it on a chain I can do that I guess.  It’s just sort of cool and retro seeing as he graduated in 1957. :p  So I would like to wear it if it can be resized.

Okay guys I’m off to snugs with my boys and have a glass of wine.  There may be some dessert in my future as well!

6 thoughts on “January 29th, 2009: Dinner

  1. the peach chobani is my faaave! I like the do it yourself version. YA definitely try to get that baby resized, it’s awesome! My mom get’s these little “balls” welded to the inside of the ring, on the bottom, one on each side, so that way the ring fit’s over her knuckle but then its snug on her finger!

  2. I think you could probably get that resized. I think you can also buy little bands to put on rings to hold them in place better. I hope I didn’t just make that up – I swear I’ve seen that somewhere. It might not look pretty, but it would do the trick?

  3. Apricot preserves and fage?! It sounds like a killer combo, I need to try that!!!

    And yeah, you should take it to the jeweler, they’ll be able to tell ya about the ring. I’m pretty sure my brother got that done!

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