December 12th, 2008: Dinner recap

Hi guys!  My presentation went well and was well received.  In full disclosure, I was showing Scott an idea I had for the first product from “our” company.  :D  I thought about getting him liquored up first but decided that would be cheating. :lol:

hooray cheese!

hooray cheese!

I was getting really hungry so I put out some cheese and 7 grain pretzel sticks for us to munch on while things heated up.  Scott opened a bottle of wine. :o  “It’s the holidays!”  Oh my.  We each had a small glass while everything was heating with the cheese and pretzels.  I had two slices of cheese and three pretzel sticks.  One slice is missing already because Scott snagged before I took the pic, he also took the biggest piece, the bugger.  I thought the pizza wasn’t going to be enough so I pulled out some of his mom’s eggrolls as well.



I sacrificed one slice of pizza so I could have an eggroll.  YUM!  So that’s my plate, two wee slices and an eggroll.  I told you, total junk food day and I was very satisfied by the end of the night.  And while I realize what I ate wasn’t at all “junky” it felt like I was indulging so that’s what I’m calling it. :D

We watched the Pens game from Wednesday and then we watched a movie, The Orphanage.  Weird and stuff didn’t seem to make much sense.  After that I went up to bed and finished Twilight which I also find to be odd because I don’t really get Bella and Edward’s relationship.

Bella seems to only love Edward because she’s fascinated by him; to me that’s not love. And Edward seems to only love Bella because of how she smells and because he can’t read her mind.  Not for her witty personality or anything like that.  And since there was talk of her becoming, well, if she turns into a vamp won’t she lose her “smell” because she’ll be dead so she won’t have the human smell anymore. Will Edward not love her anymore?  Since that seems to be a major factor in his desire.  And quite frankly if I was with some hot dude who constantly touched me, carassed me, nuzzeled me, and so forth but didn’t kiss me much and it never went any further, I would become one crabby bitch right quick.  I’m just saying.

Granted I only just read the first book so perhaps some of my questions will be answered in the others.  But that’s how I’m feeling about it right now.

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