November 24th, 2008: Morning

Morning guys! I will tell you up front that I am so WEAK. I totally had another glass of wine last night. It was really early in the evening so I decided another glass would be fine. And it was and I was but I’m not pleased I had some.

My sleeping was a little off last night, I slept fine when I was sleeping but I got up a lot and it took me a while to fall back to sleep. Meh.



For breakfast, I decided to make some oats! I have PT this morning and then it’s off to the grocery store for t-day stuff and regular grocery shopping. I know we’re going to be gone a while so I need oat power to get me through. Very basic oats today with the addition of vanilla whey protein powder! I love my morning oats but I am starving by lunch time. I’m trying to see if the extra protein helps add in some staying power. I know the extra fiber from pumpkin does and as much as I love pumpkin oats, I don’t want them everyday. Hence, the experimenting with the whey.

  • 3/4 C of vanilla soymilk
  • 1/2 C quick oats
  • 1/2 scoop of the protein powder (wanted to make sure it didn’t effect the taste too much)
  • 1 mashed banana
  • Pinch of salt and cinnamon

I tasted the oats before adding in my mix-ins and it tasted like normal oats! Hooray! I was afraid the protein powder might alter the taste to something unpleasant. Mix-ins were cranberries and a spoon of chocolate PB.



Had that along with morning coffee + creamer which was perfectly hot this morning.

It’s raining outside. Booo It’s supposed to be a mixture of rain and snow today which tends to make things miserable outside. Yuck.

I feel like my eating has been so off lately and I keep telling myself that I’m not going to drop these last 20lbs if I keep doing what I’m doing. I don’t feel like I’m eating “bad” just not eating enough veggies and fruits. I need to get back on track! Winter is hard because it’s cold and I want soups and stews and things like that. I will battle this and come out on top!

oat bowls

oat bowls

Here’s my new xmasy oat bowls that I bought on Saturday! Aren’t they cute? The green one is my favorite. :D Off to get ready for PT, see you later!

One thought on “November 24th, 2008: Morning

  1. love the bowls, have to get some when I get back:) I think you asked me what type of dog bosco is? He is a mix of a terrier, and wiener dog, he’s a pound puppy got him at two months!

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