Trip Planning

Look at what arrived in the mail this week! Boulder visitor’s information guides. I might have jumped up and down a little bit when I saw them in the mail box.

I went to the Boulder website and requested information.  It’s really handy because you can pick and choose what kind of information you’re looking for along with what time of year you’ll be visiting.

There’s also a lot of handy maps that came with the package of information.

Along with that, we officially picked the day we are leaving for Boulder, which is March 31st.  The countdown has begun!

This trip planning is a little more involved because we’re not only staying in Boulder but also traveling around the state and visiting different areas.  With that means there’s a lot of planning involved and a lot of researching because we need places to stay in each area we visit.

It’s fun researching! But it’s also causing my routine and Type A personality to go into overdrive.

Traveling with Rocky makes things a little more tricky because we have to find pet friendly locations.  The obstacles I’m running into are some places saying they are pet friendly only to find out their idea of pet friendly means dogs have to stay outside.

Um, no.  And really? That’s not pet friendly at all.

Other than a brief overnight in Kansas during the road trip we’re trying to avoid hotels.  Unless we could get a really awesome suite that has a place for office set up and a small kitchenette with fridge and stove/oven.

Our goal is to have something close to downtown areas so we can walk the cities and towns, along with being able to walk to restaurants and shopping.

The places I’ve been checking out are:

AirBNB which is currently my favorite site.  I love that it’s interactive and you can connect with others and build up a profile.


VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner)

These are sites that list houses and condos which is ideal.

Our requirements are:

  • Close to downtown areas
  • Kitchen
  • Wireless connection (we still need to work while away)
  • Pet Friendly (Dogs inside, and accepts dogs over 25lbs. Rocky is 60lbs.)

I’ve also been looking at TripAdvisor just for other information about the areas.  TripAdvisor is great for looking for hotel rentals but not so much on the vacation home and condo rentals.

For the homes and condos, we are not looking to share space with the owners or renting the basement out.  Because we’re going to be touring a lot, working from the space, and having Rocky, we would like something a little more private. We don’t want to feel like we’re intruding or causing a conflict in routines.

Seasoned travelers, any advice for us?  I haven’t booked a place just yet but I am looking to get that part taken care of this month.  Any websites that I could check out for rentals that I didn’t list here?  Any experiences with the above places you’d like to share?