Review: Healthy Hoo Hoo Products

Healthy Hoo-Hoo Doing something completely different today and posting a review.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a review of a product because nothing of interest has been sent my way.  Numerous pitches to post other people’s recipes or trying some sort of processed “healthy” treat has been flooding my inbox.

No thank you.

But today I’m doing a product review and, get ready to clutch your pearls, it’s designed just for the girlie bits!

I was contacted by a company that makes all natural feminine cleansing products and my curiosity was peaked.  I am always searching for more natural products to use and this was very unique.  So I agreed to do a review for them.

Healthy Hoo-Hoo, doesn’t leave you guessing at all what the products are designed for.  The company makes cleansers and wipes designed just for us girls.  All products are chemical free, fragrance free, and free of parabens.

I was sent the cleanser (there is also a foaming cleanser but I did not test that) and wipes to try out.

I will spare you the suspense and tell you that I love both of these products and will be seeking them out in the stores.

The cleanser is a mild cleanser that gently foams up a little.  It’s Ph balanced just for down there so that it doesn’t cause any drying or strip away any of the goodness that we need.  I felt cleaner and, at the risk of sounding weird, much more balanced when using this cleanser.  It worked better and left me feeling more fresh than other cleansers that I’ve tried.

And there is no fragrance!  It doesn’t leave you smelling like a tulip saturated in baby powder.  Which, let’s be honest, is a definite plus for feminine hygiene products.

The wipes are also fantastic.  Just the right size for a little freshening up.  They are perfect for all the times when we need just that, after exercising, during that time of the month, and after a little bump-n-grind.

Again, they are fragrance free so you won’t be overwhelmed with anything unpleasant.  I’ve used the wipes in all of the above situations and they worked great.  They are available in travel packs so that you can keep some in your purse or in your gym bag.

I was happy to try these products and to share the results with you.  While it’s a very different from what I normally talk about, I do think it’s important to know that there are all natural products designed just for women that are available to us.

If you live in Fort Collins, you can currently purchase these products at our local Whole Foods.  If you are curious where you can purchase these products yourself, the website has a store locator linkOr you can purchase the products online.

I definitely recommend these products.  Test them out and see what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Disclaimer: Healthy Hoo-Hoo asked me to review their products.  I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.