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I thought I would put up a page outlining Rocky’s diet as some readers may be wondering why he’s getting all these special meals and treats. Rocky is on what I call A Real Foods Diet, which means exactly as the title says, he eats real foods. He does not eat kibble. He has been on this diet the entire time we’ve had him (over 7 years), save for the first monthish while I was researching dog diets.

His “real foods” include raw meaty bones (chicken backs), ground meats, animal organs, tripe, veggies, fruits, and fish. He loves them all! Even dried fruit, apricots and cranberries being his favorite. He also gets yogurt to help keep his digestive system running smoothly and healthy, and some cottage cheese because he loves it (personally I can’t stand the stuff!).

His meals rotate throughout the week, but he always has backs for breakfast unless I was a bad mama and didn’t get them cut up in time. I order him raw ground mixes so that he can get a variety of meats. There is also a dehydrated food I have on hand for traveling and to add to his mixes on occasion.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and ask. Links to things Rocky eats are located on the sidebar as well as some links to more information about a natural diet.

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