Peanut Butter Dreams and Tequila Wishes

Since Rocky had surgery, pretty much all of our time is spent in the living room.  Rocky needs to be constantly monitored so that he doesn’t jump up and down off the couch and so that he doesn’t lick his wound or fiddle with his stitches.

For the record, I think e-collars for animals is a cruel punishment.  Unfortunately the inflatable donut collar won’t work in this situation as he would still be able to reach his front paw.  So hanging out with him until his wound is healed is how we have to roll at the moment.

When he was sleeping peacefully, with Scott on a nearby couch, I was able to sneak away into the kitchen (which is connected to the living room, hooray!) and make some yummy eats. Recipe for each item soon!

I made some flourless PB cookies which taste as awesome as they look.  My version is a little different than the standard ones but not by a whole lot.  I had been dreaming of peanut butter cookies all week long and finally had the chance to make some.

Dinner was gobbled up super quick!  I brined some chicken breasts with some tequila for extra kick!  I then brushed mine (Scott just had roasted chicken breast) with some BBQ sauce during the last 5 minutes of cook time.

I didn’t have any homemade sauce on hand but Bullseye worked in a pinch.

We also had some mashed butternut squash and braised kale.  I inhaled my dinner!

And then had some cookies as I watched the Pens smoke the Devils (take that New Jersey!).

It was a good day!

Peel Away

Very busy weekend here at the HQ. On Saturday we tackled the task of putting away the Christmas decorations.  I also went through all of my decorations and started putting aside what I don’t want any longer or what I don’t use.

I’m find my decorations tastes are starting to change dramatically.  I don’t want cutesy snowmen and reindeer any longer.  I like glittery decorations mixed with a bit of mountain lodge thrown in.  Lots of pine and lots of sparkly things!

Now I just have to get some sparkly things because I don’t have any! Next year I suspect the holidays will be a bit different in look and feel around here.

Sunday morning after a lovely run and two cups of coffee, I headed to the kitchen to get started on some tasks.  I prepped the chicken for dinner, getting some lovely legs chilling in a beer brine.  I made stock, finally using the turkey bones from Thanksgiving (they were in the freezer).  I got about three quarts of stock made.

Then I made some breakfast for Scotty and I.  Sorry about the bad picture, I was hungry and this was the best one of the bunch.  We had scrambled eggs and on the side I made a quick veggie and orzo salad.

Accompanied by some flaky croissants.  Mmmm!

After breakfast and cleanup, it was time to tackle the bigger task waiting for us.  The laundry room!

The previous owners of this house were wallpaper happy.  Three rooms contained wallpaper and one room had border up.


We took down the border in the one room a few years ago.  And we stripped down all the wallpaper in our office around that same time.  The office took forever because it has high ceilings.  The previous owners had, we are assuming, a professional come in and put up the wallpaper because it was done very well.  Seams matched up perfectly, no bubbles, and it was on so tight it was difficult at first to determine if it was wallpaper or paint!

Now it’s time to take down the wallpaper in the other two rooms.  We started with the laundry room yesterday. With both of us working together we were able to knock out most of that room.  Only a few spots remain and I can tackle that myself this week.

Around 7ish, I called it a day and got dinner in the oven.

Mmmm chicken.  Beer brined chicken legs (same basic recipe, just swap out chops for legs) that I roasted in cast iron.

Along with some green beans and corn pudding.  Corn pudding was an experiment yesterday and came out exactly as I was hoping.  Whooo!

The evening ended with some chocolate and one of my favorite ales this winter, Harpoon’s Winter Ale.  YUM!

It wasn’t long before I collapsed on the couch.  Long day!

How was your weekend? Any tasks that you’re trying to take care of this new year?


Shades of Bourbon

I have used an obscene amount of bourbon this week. I have been cooking with it like crazy.  I’m not a liquor kind of gal.  It just doesn’t sit right with me but I do love to cook and bake with it!

I made bourbon apple sauce which will be featured soon because it’s too delicious to not discuss.  I made some bourbon cookies for the holiday cookie recipe exchange.  I made some eggnog custard that I also added bourbon to for extra kick.

See, bourbon crazy!

Even Scott started talking bourbon and all week long had been hinting at bourbon pancakes.  “Well, let’s say you made bourbon pancakes….”, he said during a conversation about recipe development.

“Back to those bourbon pancakes”, during a business development conversation.

So on Sunday morning, I knew that I’d be making some bourbon pancakes for my fella because I can take a hint.  After my morning run, I had some yogurt with homemade granola and homemade cranberry-raspberry sauce (Hold the bourbon. This time.).  I putzed around online and watched Food TV.  Finally when Scott go up, I started prep for Sunday Breakfast.

You know it, Bourbon Pancakes. With a touch of Grand Marnier for background sweetness.

I pulled out the cranberry-raspberry sauce to drizzle on top but both Scott and I preferred maple syrup instead.  Fresh fruit and OJ along with a few chicken sausages completed breakfast.

We did house chores yesterday after cleaning up the kitchen.  The windows needed some chaulking which was Scott’s chore.  I cleaned up inside and rearranged some furniture.  I also ironed some cloth napkins which kind of annoys me.

I mean, the whole point of cloth napkins should be wash and go, right?  If I have to iron them, I’m certainly not going to use them because who wants to iron napkins after each washing?  They’ve been regulated to the linen drawer for picture purposes only.

Now I need some more cloth napkins!

I had been dreaming about dinner all week and couldn’t wait to start making it!

I have been craving chicken like crazy.  I don’t know why either because it’s my least favorite meat.  However, when you’ve got a craving, go with it, because it means your body needs something.  I went with mine!

I had some lovely chicken leg quarters that I seasoned up and pan roasted in the oven.  I seared each side on the stove first, then added in a splash of stock and some red wine to the pan.  Tossed the pan in the oven at 400 for about an hour.  Gorgeous and perfectly cooked chicken legs!

A splash of wine for the cook while the potatoes and collards cooked on the stove.

Dinner was complete! Beautiful roasted chicken legs, purple mashed potatoes, and simmered collard greens.  After the picture I topped my potatoes and chicken with some pan gravy.

I’m hoping to have collards for Thanksgiving dinner and wanted to practice cooking them a bit.  These were great but I would like them to cook a little bit longer next time.  I’m ready for Thanksgiving though!

After dinner, it was time to relax on the couch with some hockey and cookies! These are the bourbon molasses cookies I mentioned earlier.  Perfection!

The time change added to the perfectness of this weekend.

How was your weekend and did you get a chance to eat anything lovely?

Warm Hug

I pretty much wanted to do nothing all weekend. Sadly that wasn’t the case but I did get to do nothing on Sunday so that made up for Saturday.

The weather has been less than hospitable this past weekend.  It started on Friday with the wind.  Ugh.  Which continued all weekend long.  Sunday morning it was slightly breezy but by the afternoon it was back up to being super windy.

Today, it’s still pretty breezy outside.

Take note that Columbus is a pretty windy and breezy section of Ohio.  We have wind. A lot.

I’m not a huge fan of wind which is why I stayed hunkered down and cozied up.  Saturday was all work but Sunday was all nothing.

And to celebrate nothing, I made some of my favorite things.  Starting off with pancakes!

I did a little experiment with pancakes and added in an egg.  Normally I make vegan pancakes (bacon pancakes being the exception of course) because I have found that eggs and dairy are unnecessary for pancakes.  But Sunday I decided to toss an egg in there.


I wasted a perfectly good egg.  The only thing the egg did was give the pancake a deeper color as it cooked.  It did not add volume or change the taste at all in the pancake.  There was no different between this pancake and my pancakes without eggs.

I’m sticking with my vegan pancakes!

There was much lounging around and chatting with Scott all day long.  There may have been COG wars and Chainsaw bayonet action as well.

And because I wasn’t done being cozy, I made a super cozy dinner.

I also wasn’t done using my cast iron skillet.  I seriously need a bigger one because further skillet experiments and recipe creations cannot happen unless I have the proper tools.

All artists should be properly equipped, right?

I made some cornbread (also eggless, because eggs are unnecessary in baking as well!) in my cast iron skillet.  If you can believe it, this was my first time making cornbread this way!


The cornbread baked and soup simmered on the stove.  I made a veggie soup and tossed in everything I had on hand.

Those are my favorite kind of soups!

I also added in some ditalini because for such a blustery day, it was the right thing to do.

A hearty veggie soup and cornbread for Sunday Supper.  Perfection!

The night got even better because there was popcorn, wine, and The Great Pumpkin!

Sunday was amazing.

How was your weekend? Did you have lovely weather or crazy wind like us?

Work Day, Rest Day

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Homespun Sunday post!  I’ve had so many other things that I’ve wanted to talk about it kind of got pushed aside.  Today I’m bringing it back!

Yesterday unfortunately was a work day for both Scott and I.  He’s working on a project for someone and I’m working on a webinar that I’m presenting.  It’s a webinar geared towards health coaches and it’s about how blogging can help you build your business.

As I was writing out my presentation yesterday, I said to Scott that I literally could talk about this for hours.

Blogging and website development things.  As much as I love food and talking about it, blogging would be the next issue that I could go on and on about.

As much as I would have loved to relax yesterday, it wasn’t happening, worked needed to get done.  However the upside is that my “office” is mobile and I did at least get to work from the couch yesterday instead of the office proper.

After my 3 miler, I needed a wee snack.  I had some Greek yogurt with granola and a cup of coffee.  Hooray for fall mugs!

I needed some veggies yesterday and therefore Sunday pancake time got pushed back until next weekend.

Instead I had one of my favorites, salad with an egg on top!  Along with some bacon and cheese!

The day started off gorgeous yesterday but towards the end of the afternoon it started getting really cloudy and much cooler.  We had plans to grill out but that kind of got kiboshed.  It worked out in our favor though because to ease the pain of not grilling, I made gravy.

Gravy cures a lot of woes.

YUM!  We had bone-in pork loin chops (Local, Blues Creek) which were HUGE.  I brined those babies and on the side we had simple boiled potatoes and fresh green beans.

Don’t worry, I’ll go into plenty of detail about those chops later this week.  They deserve their own post.

We did get to relax some after dinner and watching most of the Pens game from Saturday.  They started their season off touring the west which means all the games are late starting games for those of us on the East.  We’ve got a few minutes left of the third period to finish and then we can start Sunday’s game.

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting? 


Oatmeal Mask

I’m still washing my face with honey everyday.  I am not about to give that up, no way.  I have found my new routine, hooray!

While the honey is great, I do like to give my face a little bit of a scrubbing one or twice a week. I wanted to keep things simple and still homemade so I pondered what I could use as a natural scrub.

I found a lot of recipes for an oatmeal scrub and decided to quick put together one for a little pampering.

In my scrub I used:

  • Old Fashioned Oats
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Unsweetened Coconut Milk

I put all of these ingredients into my mini food processor and processed until the oats broke down and the mixture got thick.  I tried to keep the portions small but still ended up with a ton of scrub!

The oatmeal for scrubbing purposes, and coconut milk along with the oats for skin softening purposes.  The apple cider vinegar is used as a mild astringent and to help tighten and unclog pores.

I took my concoction upstairs and applied it to my face.

I put the mixture on my face in small circles to start the scrubbing process.  Then I applied more and created a mask.  I let this mask sit and tighten on my face for about half an hour.

I rinsed it off in the shower.

The mask worked really well!  My skin was soft, glowing, and felt amazingly clean!

Since then I’ve changed tactics a bit.  I’m using ACV as a toner/astringent after all my face washings now so I skip that ingredient when creating a scrub.

I combine oats and a small amount of coconut milk in the food processor and process as much as I can to break up the oats.  Then I add in a few scoops of coffee grounds.

That’s right.

It’s already ground up and it’s just going to be tossed out anyway, so I might as well use it, right?

It’s a perfect scrub and caffeine helps to tighten up pores and skin.

If you have sensitive skin or gentle skin on your face, use the grounds sparingly and be extra gentle as you scrub your face.

If you have really sensitive skin, stick with just the oats.

Tone and moisturize as usual after using the scrub.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Use unsweetened coconut milk or make your own because you don’t want additives on your beautiful face.
  • Use plain coffee and not a coffee that has been flavored (like Irish Cream coffee for example), because again, you don’t know exactly what is in that, so it’s best to avoid all together.
  • If you make the scrub ahead of time and keep in the fridge, it will gel and thicken up just a bit more.
  • Make sure you apply over a sink because the mixture will fall off and you don’t want that to go splattering all over your floor.

Have you been sticking with a more natural approach to your beauty routine? Have you made your own scrub before?


This past week has been ridiculous due to the extreme heatwave that we’ve been having in these parts.  The heat index was so intense that even being outside for a minute would cause the body to break out into sweat.

Poor Rocky couldn’t even get walks in (not even early in the AM) because it was just too much for his boxer face to handle.  I think he realized it as well.  Normally he’ll bug and ask for his walks.  This past week all he did was spread out as much as his little tank body would let him to try and keep cool.

It just wasn’t good to be out and about.

Scott and I only made a few trips last week and we tried to keep those as minimal as possible.  One was a trip out to Easton so I could procure a new laptop.  Which I did and now I’m a happy girl.

The second was to meet up with some friends for beers on Friday evening.  We picked up dinner to take with us to the bar and it was our first stop at a taco truck.  We are no longer food truck virgins!  Hooray! The food was yummy and now we’re anxious to experience more of the food truck scene here in Columbus.

Sunday was pretty low key around the house.  I got up early and had a wee bit of yogurt with granola and a sprinkle of chocolate chips while watching a bit of Food TV.  It’s been a while since I’ve had chocolate chips and granola on a Sunday morning!

I worked on my school work for the week and got that finished. I have an iPad that I use mostly for school work at the moment and I love it.  It’s light and easily portable.  It’s perfect for school because I can review all the documents right on the iPad.  It helps break up time sitting at a desk which is much needed.  I hate being strapped to my desk!

Scott finally got up and we had a lovely brunch!  I didn’t want scrambled eggs and I didn’t want pancakes (GASP!) leaving me to figure out what to make for brunch.  I knew that I did want a fried egg and I wanted veggies.  Salad with egg! Bingo!

Mixed greens salad with fried egg on top and warm bacon onion dressing.  YUM! Bacon and onions cooking at the same time is one of the best smells ever!

It could also be that I just love breakfast and breakfast smells always win me over and draw me in.

After lunch I prepped things for dinner and got a roast going in the crockpot.  I also made veggies for Rocky and got a few things prepped for the week ahead.

Then I watched mindless TV.  I needed to zone out and not do much of anything.  Scott and I have a lot going on at the moment and I’m finding that I need to take more and more mental breaks from everything.  I ended up watching Harry Potter which is saying something because I loath those movies.  I know a lot of folks love them (obviously) but they are horribly chopped up and the story is shredded to bits.  I can tolerate the first two movies but after that, ugh.  Horrendous.  So naturally I watched Prisoner of Azkaban and yes, it’s still horrible.

Dinner time! The best and worst things about a crock pot are that you smell the fab food cooking all. day. long.

Today was a beef arm roast for shredded beef tacos!

Mmmmm! Shredded beef and pork tacos are my super favorite! With guacamole and sour cream (Greek yogurt) on top and a dash of Cholula because you have to.

When you have tacos for a meal, you really only want to focus on the tacos.  All sides dishes are kind of afterthoughts and you’ll eat them but don’t really think too much about them.  That’s the beauty of a taco, it demands your attention!

Because of this I made a very easy and very quick side dish.  I sauteed up some:

Sauteed in olive oil with just a smidge of butter for creaminess and richness.  I ate mine topped with more Cholula.  Naturally.

Dinner was perfection and as I always strive to do, there are leftovers for this evening.

How was your weekend? Have you been stuck inside like us trying to beat the heat?

Vacation Blues

Monday and another vacation is in the books.  I call it a vacation even though it wasn’t really a vacation at all.  Our anniversary was last week (July 5th, 13 years!) and we always take the week off to celebrate.  However last week we had so many other things going on and so many things to attend to that it wasn’t really a vacation at all.

I had lots of work to get done and focus on and so did Scott.  Plus we had a lot of outside events that needed our attention as well.  It was with a very sad heart that we said goodbye to our quick vacation yesterday.

I started the day off with a walk around the neighborhood and aside from someone’s aggressive yellow lab chasing me down the road, it was a gorgeous morning.  Yesterday was a gorgeous day all around.  Beautiful blue skies and very mild heat.


Along with one of my favorite coffees (Jungle Love by Crimson Cup), I made us a big stack of buckwheat and spelt pancakes.  I loaded mine up too!

  • Yogurt
  • Maple Syrup
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Sliced Banana
  • Homemade Granola

YUM! The rest of the day was spent working and prepping for a workshop that I’m giving on Tuesday.  I’m presenting to a group of runners about healthy meal planning and prepping. Along with a mini cooking demo!

Once 6pm hit, I headed outside to chill on the deck.  I poured some fresh lemonade into my brand new tiki glass and practiced my speech outside while Scott prepped the grill.  New experiment on the grill!

We grilled some lobster tails and I made another dish which was a cross between jambalaya and paella.  I precooked some brown jasmine rice in a saffron chicken broth.  With a pan on the grill I sauteed up some:

  • Red Onion
  • Red Pepper
  • Zucchini
  • Andouille Sausage

Then I added in some fired roasted canned tomatoes, a bit more stock, and the rice.  I brought that up to a simmer, added in shrimp and covered till everything was heated and the shrimp were cooked through.

All I’m saying is that I’m thankful we have leftovers for tonight! Yum!

Cooking like this on the grill is my new favorite thing to do.  I’m now constantly thinking about what I can make next!

After dinner we headed inside to watch some TV (I will tell you that I’m in love with Franklin & Bash) and then it was bedtime.

While we were busy over “vacation”, I did get a chance to experiment a lot in the kitchen and with grilling which is always a win!

How was your weekend? Did you try anything new or exciting?

Grilling and Chilling

Hi pretties! How was everyone’s weekend?  Was it like mine and it flew by way too quickly?  I couldn’t even tell you what we did on Saturday, that’s how fast the day went.  Yesterday was full of work, food prep for dinner and the week ahead, and then relaxing on the couch for a bit.

You should know that I love my couch and if you’ve ever had the chance to sit on it then you know why.  So squishy!

This is the first installment of Homespun Sunday on Food Embrace! Exciting! For just a brief review, Homespun Sunday is a day during the week where the goal is to eat every meal at home and to have it be something that is made from real foods.  No processed foods allowed! Real whole foods! You can read more about it here.

I took the chance to sleep in and while I still got up relatively early, it still qualified as sleeping in.  I was a bit hungry when I got up so I had a Sunrise Cookie topped with coconut butter.  YUM!  I only had one cookie to help tide me over till Sunday breakfast.

I did some school work listening to a two hour lecture but still didn’t get a chance to finish the week’s classes.  I have to catch up! I also got a chicken prepped and into a brine for dinner later.  By this point Scotty was up and it was time to get a move on breakfast.

No pancakes this week, good ‘ole eggs!  Local eggs scrambled and topped with hot sauce.  Cholula represent! I found a new to me local bread at the store the other day and breakfast was the perfect time to toast some up and try it out.  Chicken sausage and fruit round out the meal!

After breakfast I prepped some veggies for the week ahead, I made some veggie mash for Rocks, and I got to work on a BBQ sauce for the chicken.  Big day in the kitchen! I wanted to crank out some sort of dessert too, but I ran out of time.

Scott and I headed out for a walk and I fed Rocky his supper.  I got beans started on the stove and Scott got started getting the grill ready.

I originally planned on roasting the chicken last night but at the last minuted decided to try my hand at quartering it so that we could grill it.  Very simple to do with kitchen shears! My first time quartering up a whole chicken and it was easy peasy!

The back that I removed, I stored away for making stock later.

The chicken grilled, the beans were cooking away with some greens, and I had leftover polenta from the night before that I quickly turned into cheesy polenta.

The chicken brined in a tequila lime brine.  I then made a tequila chipotle and lime BBQ sauce to go on top and for dipping.  It was so very yummy!  The beans were pinto beans that I started soaking early on Saturday. I changed the water three times before I started cooking them.  I simmered them for about an hour in plain water.  Then I drained them, added onions and kale, and a mixture of chicken stock and water.  Let them simmer again for about another 1.5 hours before serving up.  So so good and there’s leftovers for today!  Hooray!

Sorry I don’t have a better picture of the chicken but meat is such a difficult thing to photograph and I wanted to eat my supper so my patience was low!

After dinner and kitchen clean up it was time to settle on the couch with some Venture Bros. We just got last season in the mail!

So tell me about your weekend!

This post is part of Food Embrace’s Homespun Sunday series.

Rushing Things

Sunday was a day of rest at the OHC homestead and it was greatly enjoyed! Though we did have chores to do, it wasn’t anything that was super pressing.  Just things that needed to get done.  The day started off with some much needed sleeping in. I got to sleep till 10am! Whooo!

Last week was a busy one with lots of school work, meetings, and outings with friends.  Saturday we headed out to dinner with our friends Emily and Jim, where we dined at Spagio. It’s a lovely restaurant in the Grandview area. Then it was over to a bar to watch a band perform.  The band didn’t start until about 10pm and wrapped up after midnight.

Whew! That’s one late night for this girl right here. I was very much ready to be in bed by the time the band finished.  They were great (though it was a touch too loud) playing tunes that had a bit of blues and 50s style rock to it.

Since I was out so late, the sleeping in made total sense.  I also had enough smarts about me to get my long run done on Saturday morning.  I did 9 miles and busted that out with a 9min/mile pace.  NICE!  That’s my longest run since last fall and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Now back to Sunday! I woke up and had a lovely cup of coffee while watching some Food TV.  Then I woke up S-Love and got started on Sunday Breakfast. We had to make a run to North Market on Saturday and I stopped by Omega to get some bread.  They still had some cinnamon raisin bread with walnuts out so I quickly snatched up a loaf of that.  Now what to do with it?  Of course toasting it would have been fine but I wanted something a little more than that.

I put my thinking cap on and thought about it Saturday evening.  Finally it came to me!

This dense and chewy bread would make a great bread to use for French toast! I made up a quick custard of some eggs, unsweetened coconut milk, cinnamon, and vanilla.  No sugar because the bread was already sweet enough.

Two slices for each of us! The bread was dipped, flipped, and then slapped on the griddle to cook up.


Some Irish butter on top and dipped in maple syrup. We had some chicken sausage on the side and some fruit as well. Along with my favorite coffee, Extra Dark French Roast, from Whole Foods and I was a pretty happy lady.

After breakfast I spent a lot of time in the kitchen doing some prep work for dinner but also making some veggies up for Rocks.  He loves his veggies and totally hovers around when I’m making them.  He knows they are his veggies too and not something that I’m making for dinner or for some other purpose.

Once that was all done, it was time to give Rocks a bath.  He’s on a good diet which means his skin and coat are in good shape, therefore he only needs a bath every few months or so.  Plus he’s a boxer with a super short coat, so he dries pretty quickly.  Now he hates baths but tolerates them well because he knows he’ll get cheese if he’s good. He was such a good boy yesterday and received some Irish cheddar for his troubles.

He was out of the tub and dry, and I got started washing all his blankets and such.  No sense having a clean dog with dirty blankets, right?  I also did some school work.  Boo to that but it needed to get done!

I got potatoes baking for dinner, pulled out the steaks so they could start getting rid of their chill, and chatted with my mom.

Then Scott and I totally had to do it. We couldn’t hold out any longer.  It needed to be done.

We busted out the grill.  I know it’s pushing the limits and rushing the season, but it had to happen.  Plus the weather was decent and both of us really wanted some grilled steaks! Those babies were huge too!  Lovely shell steaks from Bluescreek.  I slapped them with a dry rub earlier in the day so that they would get happy happy.

I like mine medium-well (closer to well then medium) and Scott is starting to appreciate a medium cooked steak.

We had grilled steaks with loaded baked potatoes and pan roasted brussel sprouts.  The potatoes had:

  • Butter
  • Cheddar
  • Green Onions

Normally I would have done sour cream (2% Fage) as well but we had horseradish cream sauce with the steaks so no cream for the potato.  Horseradish and beef are just meant to go together. It is by far one of my very favorite food combos.

Wine for the evening was a red cab by Montes, 2008.  It was pretty dry at first but we have an aerator and that helped a lot.  We sipped and watched the Pens fall apart to the Rangers.  OY!  I found another way to console myself.

That friends, is Godiva’s milk chocolate with salted caramel toffee pieces.  It’s just as fabulous as it sounds.  I don’t usually like milk chocolate, it’s too sweet for me but the caramel was calling out my name.  It is a sweet chocolate but it’s so very good.  One square is plenty, then I can move to a dark chocolate.

Then I headed up to bed and called it a day!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting or celebrate the start of spring?

This post is part of the Homespun Sunday series.