Review: Know Brainer Coffee Creamer

Know Brainer Coffee Creamer

I was recently contacted by Know Brainer, to try out their coffee creamer products.  I take my coffee black with a little bit of coconut oil added but sometimes I like to spice things up and have a creamy rich coffee.  Usually on the weekends and as I’m still trying to determine what my perfect cup is like, I was all about testing out these creamers.

These creamers work off the concept of Bulletproof Coffee method by incorporating MCT Oils and fats into the creamer.  For flavored creamers they use natural and Non-GMO products.  The idea being that these fats help with mental clarity, boost metabolism, and help keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Know Brainer Creamers are the first Primal/Keto friendly creamers I have been introduced to and I was curious to give them a shot.

I was sent four flavors to try out:

  • Original
  • French Vanilla
  • Vanilla Bean (Casein & Lactose Free)
  • Mocha (Casein & Lactose Free)

These come in individual packets which get added to one 6-8oz cup of coffee.  You shake up the packet and massage it a little bit to mix the ingredients, pour into your coffee mug, and add coffee.  Stir and you are good to go!

These creamers are delicious!  I was able to use one packet for two cups of 8oz coffee as the packets are on the larger size.  It provides a nice richness to the coffee and they are easy to use.  You don’t have to blend the coffee at all. Since I was using it at home, I did blend after my first cup because I like the froth.

The French Vanilla flavor was my favorite as it packed more of a punch. The Vanilla Bean flavor had just a kiss of vanilla to it.  I personally did not care for the Mocha flavor, it was alright but seemed to make the coffee taste bitter. Even the original flavor provided a nice creamy richness to the coffee.

While I think these would be great for daily use, I feel where this product really shines is for travel and entertaining. For those of us who like a little fat added to our coffee, having that on the go is a pain in the butt.  Know Brainer makes it super easy to toss these in your bag ready to mix with coffee.  Or you can have these on hand at your house for guests making it easy for them to create their desired coffee.

Would I use these again? Heck yes!  You can purchase Know Brainer online via their shop and I would recommend going with a variety pack so you can test out the different flavors.

Thanks to Know Brainer for allowing me to try out their product!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for a review. I was not sent additional products or compensated in any other way.


2 thoughts on “Review: Know Brainer Coffee Creamer

  1. maria vargas says:

    I was grossed out at first! I tried it anyway, and OH man! This stuff is the BEST! It really makes you feel so good the whole day. I look forward to my coffee EVERY morning now. You have got to try it, if you have not.

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