Lazy Day

I did end up having a splash of red last night along with a snack of manchego and honeycrisp apple because I was still feeling a tad hungry.

Red wine, apple, manchego

I did not eat this entire serving. I had about half the apple (it was gigantic) and two slices of cheese while watching Martha and Snoop.  Oh y’all, it did not disappoint this week!  Martha got a blinged out cheese grater necklace from Rick Ross and it was amazing. And as you can see from this gif, he was all into Martha.

Seriously, watch this show!
martha necklace from rick

I went to bed and read for a bit.  Almost finished with Food Freedom Forever and will be reading The Whole 30 book next.  I’m planning on doing a Whole 30 in January so I’m getting a refresher on the info.

Waking up this morning was rough. I am so tired and sore from workouts so far this week.  Ugh. Definitely having old lady moments.  I decided to take it easy and have a morning to myself then decide how I am going to manage the day.

I was starving when I got up so I made some eggs and heated up squash.

Scrambled Eggs and Delicata Squash

Two scrambled eggs with a roasted delicata squash that was topped with butter and a little maple syrup.  All butter we use is Kerrygold and the syrup is organic Costco brand.

Chicken Salad on Baby Greens

I did some work, prepped dinner in the slow cooker, and then it was time for lunch.  Moar chicken salad!  I seriously cannot get enough of chicken salad and I’m so happy that mayo is back to being cool again.  I’ve always loved mayo but it got a bad wrap for many years, however, thanks to Paleo and Primal movement, mayo is back in fashion! Hooray!

Chicken salad with tomatoes on some baby greens.

I got snacky midafternoon and decided to have a little something.  I tried those TJ’s Turkey and Stuffing chips and they were eh.  They just tasted like chips to me and not like savory seasoned chips.  I had three and decided that the chips weren’t worth it.

Hard Salami and Manchego

Instead my snack was some hard salami and manchego.  I try not to snack between meals but sometimes it’s needed. I try to listen to my body as much as possible and not just mindlessly eat.

I listened to my body today by not going to the gym.  I have such guilt about not going but my body was tired and so sore.  Instead I took an epsom salt bath and decided to rest up instead.

Beef roast, carrots, mashed parsnips

Dinner was slow cooker beef roast and carrots with mashed parsnips on the side.  I placed the roast in the slow cooker with a splash of red wine, Worcestershire sauce, and a little beef broth.  Seasoned with Flavor God Everything Seasoning and let that cook on low for hours. Yes I use Flavor God seasonings a great deal because they are awesome. Everything is one of my favorites blends as it pairs well with meats especially beef.

I made a quick gravy out of the liquid in the slow cooker. I make my gravy using arrowroot powder and it turns out perfectly each time.

There’s a hockey game tonight! So I’m going to kick it on the couch for a bit watching the Pens play and then it’s an early bedtime for me so I can kick butt tomorrow.

Heads up that I won’t be doing daily eats posts on Thursdays or Sundays.  Those are my long work days and the last thing I want to do when I get back home is get on the computer.  I’ll post my meals on Instagram though!

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