Keeping It Easy

I had some herbal tea and two pieces of dark chocolate last night as we watched TV.  Costco had a set of some tea from Good Earth, it’s called Sweet and Spicy and it is delicious.  My local Costco doesn’t really have much tea so I was surprised to see these! Herbal tea is an after dinner staple during the winter months and I’m fully stocked!

I hit the gym early this morning and had a banana between my weight session and my Crossfit workout.  I was starving when I got home and made a huge yogurt bowl for myself.

Loaded Yogurt Bowl and Frothy Coffee

  • 2% Fage
  • Homemade Granola
  • Pecans
  • Dried Cranberries
  • A few Chocolate Chips

I’m not sure if I ate enough yesterday because during my workout today I was dragging hard and felt so weak.  Ugh.

Frothy coffee with just coconut oil today.

I had some errands to do and I also had some light grocery shopping to get done. I headed to TJ’s and saw that they have Turkey and Stuffing flavored kettle chips.  Yes, I bought some. No regrets, that’s life.  Sometimes I eat chips. I have no idea what they taste like but I’ll keep you posted!

Since errands ate up my afternoon, lunch was light and easy, a smoothie and I don’t have a picture because we’ve all seen smoothies.  The smoothie had:

This is a typical smoothie for me.  I don’t usually mix things up too much in the smoothie department. It wasn’t going to be long before I had to start prepping for dinner so the smoothie worked out.

Mini Taco Salad, Broccoli Rice

Tacos for dinner because it’s Taco Tuesday! I seasoned up some ground bison with Flavor God Taco Tuesday seasoning (for tacos I alternate between this and the Spicy Everything Seasoning).  I also added in some chopped onion, pepper, and a little salsa to bring it together. TJ’s started carrying broccoli rice in their fresh produce section so I made some of that as a side.  Seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. It’s more hearty than cauliflower rice and needs a little bit longer to cook.  It also needs more seasoning, I definitely under seasoned it today. Lesson learned for next time.

I also made some fresh pico de gallo and picked up some guacamole at TJ’s.  I had some chips + salsa + guac with dinner so I had my taco filling on top of some chopped lettuce instead of in shells. Sprinkled with a little cheddar and all the toppings.  So good!

I’m going to have a small glass of wine and hit the couch to watch Martha and Snoop! Are you watching this show because it is AMAZING. Without even realizing it, the creators of this show have provided America with exactly what we need right now. Which is entertainment, people getting along, and some crazy shit.  Seriously cannot get enough of this show!


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