Fitness Friday: Old Lady Feels

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I went for a 1 mile run with my friend Kira before our workout. Right now we’re doing a run/walk for the mile and are considering doing the Couch To 5K program starting in December.  Both of us want to start running (for me, to get back into running. You know, trying this for the 5 millionth time. Gah.) and feel like starting off with the C25K program might be beneficial.

I’ve been having some issues with shins while running. They’ve been cramping up during the run. It’s not shin splints, my shins don’t hurt after my run only during.  They cramp up pretty badly too and it becomes hard to walk. My left shin is the worst but my right shin does it as well.  Not sure if I need new shoes or if I just need to get used to running again.

If you remember, I had some trouble with my hip. Well my hip is fine and now it’s my shins. I swear it is always something that is keeping me from running. Meanwhile, Scott started running and is now up to 3 miles no problem. Jerk.

Anyway, the workout was:

  • 10 Box Dips
  • 10 Deficit Pushups
  • 10 Burpees to Plates

This workout was hard on my shoulder.  I strained my right shoulder back in September from doing too much aggressive triceps dips and it’s still bothering me.  I’ve been taking things slowly and lightly with it but it’s frustrating nonetheless. So this workout really challenged my shoulder and I felt it at the end.

PS: There’s always a warmup for the workouts I just don’t post those because it’s a warmup and not terribly exciting. But if you’re really interested in what those look like, just give me a shout and I’ll start adding them.


I did a strength session before the workout. Super easy and light session to get back into the swing of things. I did squats which felt OK but my shoulders were really sore and tight from Monday’s workout which made the bar uncomfortable.

I also did a few presses which made my shoulder feel a little tight and I could tell they were tired from the previous workout.

This workout was rough and left me feeling defeated and frustrated. I had really low energy even though I just had a banana before starting and I had trouble getting through it.  I did it but did not get as many rounds as I would have liked.


  • 25 Plate Overhead Stepping Lunges – 15lb Plate
  • 45 Sumo HighPulls with 35lb KB
  • 25 Situps with 25lb Plate

UGH. My arms were shaky during the lunges. Recommended weight was 25lb plate but I couldn’t do that and dropped to 15lb.  My legs started shaking during the sumo highpulls and just MEH. This workout sucked and left me drained.


Rest day. I was dragging hardcore getting out of bed and I was so freaking sore from the previous two workouts. I originally thought that I would make a later class at the gym but instead I took an epsom salt bath with some arnica and eucalyptus.  That made me feel so much better!  I felt guilty all day for missing class.  I hate missing a workout just because I feel like an old lady. Grrrr!


I was still sore and really tired but I made it to the gym. We did snatches and jump rope. Snatches are hard on my shoulder and I had to drop weight to get through this workout.  Cue more frustration and angst.

I also did a mile run before class and my shin cramped up on me forcing me to walk most of the way back.  Grumble grumble.


We had 5 stations, spend a minute at each station with 30 second transition between stations. 3 total rounds.

  • 35lb Kettlebell broad jumps.
  • Bear crawls with 25lb dumbbells.
  • Box jump overs
  • Twisting med ball lunges
  • Reverse lunges

I thought the bear crawls were going to be awkward AF but they actually weren’t too bad. The move that got me was the kettlebell broad jump! That had my legs shaking and really wore them out. I was ready to be done by round 3.


I got frustrated a lot this week because I was feeling old and rickety. My joints are hurting more, there’s more muscle soreness, and I’m getting tired a lot easier.  It used to just be around my cycle that I would notice the symptoms increase but now it’s happening more often which is leaving me frustrated.  Time to start fiddling with my diet and sleep to see if that helps.  If not then I may have to suck it up and talk to someone about it.


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