Giving Up Coffee

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Scott and I have given up coffee.  Yup.  And it wasn’t an easy decision to come to either.  We talked about it at great length before we decided to make the plunge.

Since I’m in the process of working towards healing my digestive tract and dealing with very mild (super mild) adrenal fatigue, I decided I needed to cut coffee out.  It can be a gut irritant and can also be taxing on the adrenals.  In order for me to fully heal my gut, coffee needed to go.

I was never one who needed the caffeine. I just liked the whole process of morning coffee.  It smelled good and I really enjoyed having a warm mug of something to start the day.

Recently Scott and I went a day without coffee and both of us ended up getting horrible headaches later that day.


I don’t want to be dependent on coffee! Since this never happened to me before, I realized that I’m not OK with my body being dependent on caffeine.  That is when we decided to cut out coffee for the time being.

I cut it off cold turkey and just dealt with the headaches until they were no longer an issue.  Scott went a little slower and eased off of coffee.  He’s now coffee free.

I alternate what I drink in the mornings, sometimes it’s a big mug of chicken stock and sometimes it’s herbal coffee. I found a really great coffee substitute made by Delicious Obsessions.  I blend it up with some almond milk and a little coconut oil for a big frothy mug.  If you’re looking for something that won’t give you the coffee jitters, this is the stuff!  So good!

Is coffee gone from my life forever? Nope.  Only for a time while I work on getting healthy again.  I’m sure it will make an appearance every now and then when a good mug of coffee sounds great or if we’re out to breakfast.

The main goal for both of us is that we do not want to be dependent on coffee to make it through the day.  Secondary for me is gut health.

Once we both feel comfortable adding coffee back in on occasion then it will be a little treat some mornings.

Do you drink coffee and would you ever give it up?

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