Alcohol Free February Recap

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For the month of February, Scott and I challenged ourselves to abstain from alcohol.  There were two “treat” days since Scott’s birthday was during the challenge.  So for 26 days we didn’t have a drop to drink.

Bah.  That sucked.

I did learn a lot during this challenge though.

For one, beer and I currently do not get along.  It screws up my digestive system and gives me a headache along with making me feel like crap.  Like I’m coming down with the flu.

I did miss drinking wine and cocktails more than beer.  I think it’s because since our move to Colorado we have been hardcore beer focused for the past couple of years.  I’m at a point where I’m good with beer and my drink of choice is wine or a mixed drink.

Does that mean I’ll never have beer again?  Heck no, we’ve got a cellar full that we need to work through.  But beer is getting put on the back burner for a bit.

The biggest surprise of all is the discovery that alcohol seems to mess with my sleep.  After the challenge, when I was able to have alcohol again, I also started having restless nights.  Waking up in the middle of the night only to lie in bed awake for hours.


I love sleep so this news does not sit well with me.

I am positive my body’s negative reaction to alcohol is the result of wrecking my digestive system with too much beer over the past couple of years.  Which means it is time to work towards getting my body back to tip-top shape.

Since December, I have been working towards getting back to a healthier me, but now I realize how much of a beating my body has taken over the past two years with too much beer and unhealthy food.

My focus will be centered around healing my gut through healthy foods and keeping alcohol intake to a minimum.

While the No Alcohol challenge was difficult and did stink, it helped me realize where my body’s current level of healthiness is along with what steps I need to take to fix the situation.  2015 is definitely the year to get back on track!



4 thoughts on “Alcohol Free February Recap

  1. Andrea – Please accept this not as preaching but only an opinion. I would love to hear a reply.

    It is fun to see you recognise how much better abstaining makes you feel. You also admit how much you miss it. But intend to continue drinking. Maybe only wine etc. You say, that will be ok. You do see it isnt healthy but oh well. You understand how bad sugar etc. is and have convinced yourself to look for alternatives the same goes for alcohol. Your entire approach to your diet is so healty. Think about the double standard in your own mind.

    What you will find is the alcohol is what causes the problem with your sleep pattern not necessarily just beer. Eventhough 26 days seems like a long time the effects stay in your system for longer. If you were to continue without it you would begin to lose interest as you would notice the positive changes. You are so conscience in being healty you have trained yourself to notice slight alterations in how you feel. If you really want to feel good, diet alone is conteracted by the additional calories and effects.

    • Hi Arthur, thanks so much for dropping by. Abstaining from alcohol completely may be the right choice and work for some but I am not one of those people. I fully believe that someone can live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the occasional drink.

  2. Heather says:

    Alcohol totally messes with my sleep. I hardly ever drink so it’s not so bad when I do have a drink but if I have more than one (as in two – let’s not go crazy – ha ha ) I pay for it.

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