Kicking Monday’s Butt


Asian Noodle Soup with 5 Spice Meatballs

Oh Monday.  It did not start off well.  I was having tech issues that were finally resolved by rebooting my computer.  As much as I love Apple, I become more and more frustrated with their products all the time. Well let me clarify this a bit.  The computers work when they are brand new but get a couple of years in them and they start to falter and some stuff won’t even work on them any longer.  That’s the part the frustrates me. I’m definitely leaving my iPhone in the dust and will be switching over to an Android based phone.  I’m a Google girl through and through, and it only makes sense to have a Google based phone verses an iPhone where I have to install apps or run Google through Apple Apps just to access stuff.  Bah! Ok, I’m done rambling. I’m sure you don’t care about my tech bitching.  On to food!

Yesterday was on the cooler side and I finally decided to make some soup.  I had been dreaming of an Asian inspired noodle soup with mini meatballs for days, so that’s what I made.

Homemade chicken broth seasoned with a little garlic and soy sauce.  Rice noodles (passes the kitchen test for unprocessed month, only has two ingredients), wilted spinach, and some pork meatballs.  The meatballs had green onion, soy sauce, and Chinese 5 Spice added to it.  They were roasted in the oven at 400 for about 20 minutes and then added right to the soup.

Delicious!  A late lunch/early dinner meal.  Take that Monday!

Later in the evening we had some slices of a chocolate bourbon cake (that I made, no box mixes here) drizzled with a chocolate bourbon sauce. I tried taking a picture but that much dark stuff on a plate in the evening does not photograph well. Trust me.

Soup and cake? We totally kicked Monday’s butt!

How did your week start off?

3 thoughts on “Kicking Monday’s Butt

  1. Mmm, that looks delicious! Did you use fresh rice noodles or a packaged brand you’d recommend?

    To be honest, Monday was a carryover from the weekend since I didn’t fly back from Orlando until mid-day yesterday, so it was full of pizza and a made-from-a-box soup. Easing my way back into better eating and cleaner eats this week! I have very little travel from now until the holidays so it should be much easier to prepare healthier food.

    • Hey Jess! The noodles were not fresh, they were Annie Chung rice noodles that I got at Whole Foods. I love rice noodles because typically there’s only two ingredients, rice flour and water. And they are quick cooking and can be used for pad thai style dishes too.

  2. The meatball noodles look amazing! Sorry to hear about the tech issues! I think any week that starts with your birthday is a good one so mine has been pretty great. And it actually cooled down here today with overcast skies and breezes. It finally feels like fall so I’m 2 for 2 this week. :)

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