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It rained all day yesterday.  The dogs weren’t happy but I was thrilled!  Finally a break from the heat and humidity (yeah it was humid, nothing crazy but unpleasant) with cool breezes and a gloomy day.  I was able to open up the windows and get some fresh air in the house.

Plus I spent a crap ton of time in the kitchen.  I worked on a new breakfast recipe, made some stock, made mayo, worked on a new cheese cracker recipe, and made some waffles.

Alright let’s talk eats! Going over two days so I will split it back up into meals.


Oatmeal Bar

I experimented with oat bars yesterday.  I wanted to make cookies but ended up baking these in a baking dish to make bars instead.  It’s oats, almond flour, eggs, bananas, and dried cranberries.  There’s no extra sugar aside from the small amount in the vanilla almond milk.

I wanted to make something I could store in the freezer and quickly heat up on days I’m not super hungry in the mornings.  These bars turned out very dense and really hardy.  If you guys want, I can post the recipe, just let me know.  They aren’t terribly exciting but I will definitely share if there’s interest!

Today’s breakfast was scrambled eggs with chopped sausage and some roasted sweet potato.  The sweet potatoes are leftovers from Monday and the sausage was already prepped as well.  Easy and quick breakfast to put together!



BLT on Grain Free Waffles

BLTs on grain-free waffles!  Dripping with homemade mayo.  Mmmm heaven. I love BLTs so much and with tomatoes coming into their season I’m sure we’ll be having this a lot.

The waffle recipe is from Brittany Angell and it’s fantastic.  It’s grain free and makes the lightest crispest waffles.  They definitely remind me of the texture of a true Belgian style waffle.  Super crispy but so light they don’t feel heavy in the stomach.  I loved them so much I immediately made a second batch.  And then I plopped them in the freezer to have them on hand for more sandwiches.

I did make a few adjustment, I nixed the sugar since I wanted these to be savory to use for sandwiches and I also used baking soda instead of powder.  They turned out great though!

They do cook up really fast so keep an eye on them so they don’t burn.



Yesterday’s dinner was leftovers from Monday.  Nothing exciting to look at so I didn’t take a picture.

Curry Chicken Salad

The last of the roast chicken got turned into curry chicken salad.  That’s my favorite part about making a roast chicken is having enough leftover for chicken salad.  This is going to be a recipe that I share soon, it’s super simple to make and can be easily adjusted for however much chicken you have.

We had this on lettuce boats with some carrot sticks and cucumbers on the side.  Really simple late lunch/dinner for a hot day.

Scott and I will be off exploring this weekend and checking out some new brews, pretty excited about it!


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