Happy 4th

Penny and AveryHappy 4th of July!  Not only is it a holiday weekend but it’s also our anniversary this weekend.  Whooo!

I have a few things to wrap up for client work today and then the rest of the weekend is free!

I was hoping to be grilling some lovely ribs and corn on the cob today but the weather may have other plans as it looks like it’s about to storm.

Our holiday meal is going to look like this:

Braised ribs with some homemade BBQ sauce.  I had to make some sauce for a client so we’ll be using that (and why I can’t share the recipe.).   But I have shared my Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Hatch Green Chili Sauce, so check those out and impress folks with homemade BBQ sauce.  Perfect for chicken too!

Coleslaw with homemade mayo

Buttery salty corn on the cob.  Not nearly as good as Ohio sweet corn but it will have to do.

For dessert, I made some clean eats friendly chocolate pudding. I will be sharing that recipe soon!  And we have some non-clean eats friendly local ice cream in the freezer.  I’m leaning more towards chocolate though!

And we’ll be pulling out some special beers from the beer cellar to celebrate!

Have a great holiday weekend!


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