Review: Pure Safe Shell Water Bottles

The folks at Pure Safe Shell contacted me about reviewing their water bottles.  I just happened to be looking for replacement water bottles because the ones we were using had broken. Again. They constantly broke on us and after this last time that they broke yet again, I was calling it quits.  They were also plastic which made me really consider using glass bottles.  However, keeping me from making the switch was the risk of the bottle breaking.  No one has time to deal with cleaning up glass shards!

I was intrigued by the Pure bottles because they have a plastic coating on the outside to help keep the glass from making a mess if it was dropped.  No spilled drinks and no glass shards going everywhere?  Count me in!

Pure Safe Shell Waterbottles

Pure sent me three different bottles to test out.  From right to left they are:

Pure Proclamation, 20 oz

Pure Mini, 12 oz

Pure Explorer, 25 oz

I was also sent a flip tab lid in blue which fits on the Proclamation and the Mini.  The other lids that are pictured on the bottles, I’m not sure what they are called and cannot find them on the website.

I loved the different sizes and shapes of the bottles.  The Explorer bottle has a nice curved shape and a screw top lid.  This bottle is perfect for bringing along a beverage to a picnic.  You can pour in some wine and be assured that not only is the bottle sealed but won’t shatter spilling wine and glass everywhere.  It’s really handy for traveling as well!

The Proclamation and the Mini are great for lunch boxes and taking to work.  All of the openings are big enough to fit ice or fruit if you wanted to add some lemon wedges.

I did not use these bottles while working out.  I prefer a sport bottle with a straw while working out other wise I’ll end up spilling water all over myself.  If you don’t suffer from the same issue, then I think these would be great to take to yoga or perhaps a barre class.

All the bottles have some heft to them so be aware of that if you are going to be carrying them around much.

The glass is made from borosilicate glass which has a high impact resistance.  The coating is BPA and phthalate free.  The coating also provides some traction as well so that the bottles don’t slip out of your hand.  This becomes especially useful when the bottles have a bit of condensation on them.

The entire bottle is recyclable, so in the event it breaks, everything can get tossed in the recycling bin.

I was sent a smashed bottle to check out as well.

Broken Pure Bottle

It was a little tricky to photograph but you can see that the mini bottle is completely smashed.  I was able to squish it around and the glass was entirely contained.  It did not cut me and there were no sharp edges poking out.  The safe shell totally delivers!

I did like the tab top a little better than the other top with the handle.  The tap top has a smaller opening so not as much water comes out, which can be one downside to that style top.  However the top with the handle takes a few more steps when you want to open the top to be able to drink which can be a bit of a deterrent.  At least for me it was, I liked the ease of the tab top.  Now if the tab top came with a handle then that would be the perfect marriage of the two!

Regardless, the bottles are well made and I definitely feel more at ease carrying around a glass water bottle knowing that if it breaks the glass is totally contained.

If you are in the market for a glass water bottle then definitely give the Pure Safe Shell a consideration!  They are environmentally friendly, safe to use, and totally recyclable!


Disclaimer: I was sent these water bottles for review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post.  Links in this post ARE NOT affiliates.

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