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Coconut Organics Coconut BaconI was contacted by Coconut Organics asking if I would be interested in reviewing their newest product being marketed as coconut bacon.

Seriously, I could not pass up coconut bacon so I accepted.  This sounded so interesting and unique that I was curious what the product would be like.

Here is a little bit from their website describing the coconut bacon:

CocoBacon ® is made in our organically certified kitchen. First we start with thick, sweet organic coconut chips from mature coconuts and lightly toast them. These crunchy decadent coconut chips get a generous dose of raw, organic coconut oil to achieve the fatty satisfaction of bacon. Then, we apply a little bit of low-glycemic, high-vitamin organic coconut sugar for the slight sweetness of bacon. Next, we add some high-mineral Celtic Sea Salt ® for the salty side of bacon. The final savory and smoky flavors come from organic mesquite smoke flavor and our special organic spice blend. The result is a perfectly balanced salty, savory, smoky and sweet flavor combination on a crunchy coconut chip.


The coconut bacon is in a 2.2 oz bag and the bag is completely resealable.  It is labeled as vegan and gluten free.  The ingredients are also very clean (to my standards) so I felt good about reviewing this product.  Going by the ingredients, the product is also technically Paleo.

I’m not really quite sure what I was expecting when thinking coconut bacon but this definitely surprised me!  I was assuming this was going to be big pieces of coconut product put together to form a “slice”.  Because when I think about bacon, I think about a slice of something.

That isn’t what this product looks like at all.

Coconut Organics Coconut Bacon

It’s big pieces of flaked coconut that have been toasted and then a savory smokey seasoning is added.

I had the coconut bacon straight up to see what it was like right out of the bag.  There is a big crunch factor to the pieces of coconut.  The taste is definitely interesting and unique.  It’s very sweet because it is a large piece of actual coconut but then the savory smokey part comes in at the end.  The two flavors are separate and distinct.  First it’s sweet, then it’s savory.

It’s a little weird but strangely addicting and kind of fun.

Coconut Bacon on a salad

I then had it on a salad to see what mixing it with something else would be like.  The coconut bacon’s sweetness went way down and it added a savory little crunch and texture to the salad.  As a salad topping or a topping to say a baked potato would be the way I would eat this product. Straight up is fine but I prefer it mixed with something.

Because of it’s convenient packaging, I can see how this would be great for traveling since the packaging makes it very portable.  Perfect for keeping some at the office, in your purse/laptop bag for when you need a little something during the day.  Since it does have that sweet/savory mix going on combined with all the healthy fat from the coconut meat, it is very satisfying as a snack.

Currently this product is available online in two packs or six packs.  And the company has free shipping going on right now!

Coconut Bacon is unique, interesting and definitely worth checking out.  Try a little snack and see what you think!


Disclaimer: I was sent this product for review.  All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review.

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