Healing a Cold: The Two B’s, Broth and Bourbon

homemade stockScott travels for work and he always seems to catch a little something while traveling.  Altered sleep patterns, a wonky schedule, and not the best of eats will do that to just about anyone.

Since he always comes back with what I called, Conference Crud, I make sure to have things ready for him to get back on track.


The two things that consistently work for us when dealing with a cold are The Two B’s:

  • Broth
  • Bourbon

I always make a big batch of homemade stock that’s ready for when he gets home.  Some of the broth goes towards soup and then the half is just for drinking.  I typically make chicken but you can make whatever flavor broth you like.

Hot broth helps soothe sore throats and it also provides nutrients to help boost up the immune system.  It also comes in really handy if the person has a stomach bug or perhaps their appetite is a little off.  This way they aren’t drinking empty calories.

Next on our cold combat list is bourbon!  I think that this surprises people because most people don’t think about alcohol or hard liquor when they are feeling ill.

Here bourbon is on the front lines for battling colds.  We mix it with hot tea and local raw unfiltered honey.  You can use any tea you like though I will caution against green tea. It doesn’t seem to pair well with bourbon.  Rooibos and black teas work really well with bourbon.

To one mug of large tea add:

  • 2 oz Bourbon (any brand you like)
  • 1/2-1 TBSP Honey

Mix and sip.  I recommend 2 mugs of this before bed.  The bourbon and honey help soothe sore throats and open up nasal passageways.  The bourbon is also relaxing and the cold sufferer gets a little better rest at night.

This latest trip, I shoved soup at Scott as soon as he walked in the door and then he sipped on tea and bourbon.  The next morning he was noticeably better, less congested and his cough had improved.

It’s important to make sure to eat real whole foods as well (no junk!) and get plenty of sleep.  I’m not a medical doctor (clearly) but this routine is what works for us.

Do you use natural remedies to battle colds?

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