Spring Clean Eats: Day 22, Moar Sushi

GF granola, blueberries, almond milk After spending two days in a conference room this past weekend, I very much needed a “me day”.  Or as I refer to them, Hermit Days.

Hermit Days mean the only person I’m talking to is Scott and sometimes the dogs.  It also means that I sack out on the couch and either read all day or watch Law and Order.

Yesterday was a Law and Order day.  I caught a few episodes of Criminal Intent and it’s like L&O from another planet.  I don’t really care for that version at all.  Thankfully SVU came on and was on for the rest of the day.

Mmm Stabler is much much better.

On Hermit Days I try to keep everything low key and as easy as possible.  Breakfast was the last of the grain-free granola (already on my to-do list to make more) with blueberries and some almond milk.

I did some work and researched some blog stuff then it was couch time.  The pups and I hung out all day.

Scott had to run out to mail some packages and when he came home, he came back with some sushi.

I did not complain.  Easy late lunch early dinner and I still got to watch SVU while eating.  Score!

Tempura Shrimp SushiTwo rolls of tempura shrimp with avocado and one avocado and cucumber roll.

It was a perfect and much needed recharge day.

Today the sun is out and the weather is supposed to hit the 70s.  The pups and I are going to hang outside all day long!

One thought on “Spring Clean Eats: Day 22, Moar Sushi

  1. Monica says:

    I agree with the L&0. CI is too weird and SVU is the better on. I like the cast the best too. I love hermit days and they are needed!!!

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