Spring Clean Eats: Day 16, Run Done

Grain free granola, blueberries, coconut creamYou can expect to see this breakfast coming up a lot because it’s been a hit this week.  Plus with the warmer weather slowly starting to creep in, I want something a little cooler for breakfast.

Grain-free granola with blueberries and coconut cream.


This was lovely post run fuel!  Yesterday I ran my second full mile!  Whooo!  I’m going to start slowing increasing my mileage at this point and see how it goes.   So stoked to be at a full, albeit slow as hell, mile again!

Yesterday was one of those days where the time goes by so fast and you can’t seem to catch up.  After walking the dogs, working on a big project, and going to the grocery store, we finally got a chance to sit down and eat lunch.

But at this point it become dinner.


Big salad with purple carrot, cucumber, asparagus, and sliced almonds.  Unpictured on the side I had some Canadian bacon and mandarin oranges.

Not the most exciting day of meals but all of it was filling and tasty!

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