Spring Clean Eats: Day 15, Little Change Up

Paleo granola, coconut cream, blueberriesI needed a little change up for breakfast yesterday.  I didn’t feel like a protein heavy breakfast but everything else that I could have is not Spring Clean Eats friendly.  Oatmeal, traditional granola, and yogurt were all out.

What to do?

I looked around for some paleo and grain-free granola recipes.  I came across a few but most had way more ingredients than I want in granola.  Some used things I didn’t have on hand so I decided to create my own.

I made a grain-free paleo friendly granola and I also made a coconut cream sauce to go with it.  Added some fresh blueberries and this breakfast totally hit the spot!  I would have licked that glass clean if I could have!  Recipe coming up after the challenge is over.

I honestly didn’t think that this breakfast would keep me satisfied all that long and by lunch time I would be wanting to gnaw my arm off.  It lasted me all day and I didn’t even think about food again until late afternoon.  By that point I decided to heat up leftovers and make some fresh green beans.

Sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, pork ribs, green beans

I washed and trimmed the green beans, then I put them in a pot with an onion, some stock, and some water.  I let that simmer until they were cooked through (I like softer green beans vs. crunchy).  Drained the beans, put them back in the pot with some ghee, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Again, not the most flattering picture I know but styling my dinner isn’t really the main priority here.

Loved having leftovers ready to go for Monday’s dinner!  It made Monday go a little smoother.

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