Spring Clean Eats: Day 6, New Things

Jackson's Honest ChipsLast night Scott and I tried out a new snack, Jackson’s Honest Chips, in Salt and Vinegar.  Now while I said that I was reducing our processed food intake, I wasn’t looking to eliminate it entirely.

If folks want to go 100% processed foods free, more power to them!  For us, that’s just not going to happen.

Life is short and sometimes you need a damn potato chip.

These chips are cooked in coconut oil and the ingredient list is short.  Plus they are made here in Colorado!

Jackson’s Honest Chips come in a few flavors but I picked the ones that didn’t have added sugar in them (keeping this challenge in mind).  The chips were very thin, super crispy, and not greasy at all.  There is a slight coconut flavor but it isn’t overpowering.  Since the chips aren’t greasy, they don’t sit very heavy in the tummy.

Basically they are awesome and we’ll be getting these from now on when the chip mood strikes.  I found them at my local Whole Foods.

Disclaimer: I bought these chips on my own and my opinions are my own. This company doesn’t even know I exist.

I didn’t sleep very well last night either and woke up very early this morning sort of feeling run down.  Bah!  When I walked in the kitchen and saw that we were getting some snow (!!#$@), I felt even more down.

Then I realized that this would be the perfect morning for some breakfast soup!  YES!

Breakfast soup, coffee

This will be a full recipe that I’ll post at the end of the challenge!

I also tried something new this morning, Bullet Coffee.  You can find the info here but the basic idea is that for each 8oz cup of coffee you add in 1TBSP of butter (grass-fed, that’s important and unsalted) and 1TBSP of coconut oil.  Blend in a blender until it’s all incorporated and you end up with a frothy cup of coffee.

I need to fiddle around more with measurements since our mugs are bigger than 8oz and also with the coffee beans to water ratio but it is very good.  I can see us going this route and cutting our dairy intake down dramatically.  We currently have some whole milk left that we need to go through first and then we’ll make the switch.

Never thought I would say that!

Not sure if it was the coffee or the soup, or both, but I woke up feeling crappy and after breakfast I felt amazing!

Scott and I have made Saturday’s “Odell Day”.  We head to Odell for a growler fill and for some food from Common Link.

Pulled pork salad, fries

Today we had cajun fries (only available from the truck and so so good!) and their pulled pork sandwiches.  I ate the pork on a quick salad with romaine and shredded carrots.  Scott ate his pork portion using romaine leaves as little scoops.

It was late when we ate so today was another linner day.  Both of us are fine and satisfied with that!

No exercise today, boo on me.  The weather was crappy enough that it left me with no motivation to leave the house.  That’s on me, instead of feeling guilty about it, I’m just going to look towards tomorrow as another chance to do my best.

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