Spring Clean Eats: Day 13, Shoot Em

Scramble with smoked salmonWhile out running errands earlier this week, I picked up some locally smoked salmon.  This smoked salmon isn’t like the thinly sliced style.  This is a fillet of salmon that has been smoked and it flakes apart.

I love the texture of this more than the very thin kind.

I knew that I wanted the smoked salmon for breakfast so I decided to add it to a scramble.  The scrambled eggs had horseradish and dijon mustard added.  Once they were almost finished cooking, I seasoned with a little salt and pepper and then added in the salmon and some green onion.

Delicious and very filling breakfast!  Some fresh fruit on the side as well.

We took the dogs to their Saturday morning playgroup so they could see all their friends and socialize.  On the way home we stopped for provisions.

You know Saturday means it’s  Odell Day!  We got some growlers and some food from Commonlink.

Sausage, fries, and fruit

Andouille sausage with kraut, cajun fries and some fresh blackberries on the side.  We also had a kombucha with lunch.

The dogs were sacked out for the rest of the day and since the sun kept hiding behind the clouds, we stayed inside and played video games.

Salad with chicken

Dinner was quick and easy, mixed greens with chicken on top.  The dressing was a super simple honey dijon dressing with balsamic.

Definitely could have used more veggies yesterday.  Next Odell day, I’ll probably make a smoothie and have a salad with lunch.

I have an event to attend today so Saturday ended up being the perfect relaxing day!

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