Spring Clean Eats: Day 12, Much Better

Scrambled eggsWoke up in the morning and felt much better but not 100%.  Since I didn’t eat much the day before I knew that I wouldn’t have the energy or fuel to do any kind of workout.  Which sucked but not much I could do about it.

I started the day off light and had some scrambled eggs and a mandarin orange for breakfast.

That sat a little funny in my stomach but it stayed put.


Later lunch, early dinner when we got back home after running a few errands around town.

Chicken breast, parsnip mash, sauteed brussels sprouts

Roast chicken (not sure if roast chicken is becoming our “thing” for Friday nights) with parsnip mash and sauteed shaved Brussels sprouts.

The parsnip mash was amazing!  I want to make it again but look for that to be a recipe soon.  It surprised me by how good it was!  The Brussels  sprouts I chopped and sauteed in some ghee with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

I know this is a short post but it’s amazingly sunny outside and the pups and I are itching for some sunshine!

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