Running Buddy

Penny and I running Miss Penny is unlike any other dog I’ve had when it comes to exercise and mental stimulation.  She requires both and she needs it on a daily basis.  Our previous dog and even Avery were both content with some outside time and a little walk. Then they would happily snooze the day away.

Not my Hennepin.  She needs to have things a bit more involved, thank you very much.

She loves to run around but she also needs to be challenged so that she has to use her thinker.  If she doesn’t get both of those things, I can clearly see that she gets bored.  She doesn’t get destructive or act out at all but I know that in order for her to be truly happy and content she needs mental and physical stimulation.

Earlier this week in an attempt to wear Penny out I decided to take her on a run.  I never thought that I would ever take a dog on a run let alone a pit bull.  Most bullies aren’t built for running with their stocky bodies and sometimes shorter snouts.

Penny is very athletic with a longer body and shorter legs.  She also has a longer muzzle so she doesn’t quite have the same challenges with breathing.

She did amazing on her first run.  She stayed right by my side without pulling.  She only took off once after a squirrel and I was able to get her refocused and back on track easily.

When we got home she was pooped.  Success!

Hennepin the pit bullWe’ve gone out again and she is doing so well.  It’s definitely a learning process for us both.  I’m learning how to run with a dog (and carry treats and a poop bag!) and she’s learning not to cross in front and to stay focused.

It challenges her physically and mentally.  She’s much calmer and centered after her runs.  Since I’m still only at a mile with walk breaks, we can build up our distance and endurance together.  She’ll never be a distance runner but I bet she could at least do 4-5 eventually with no problem.

Have you ever run with a dog? If so, do you have any tips or tricks to share?

2 thoughts on “Running Buddy

  1. I’ve tried running with Daisy before but she only made it about a mile and a half before she lay down and refused to move! Which is crazy because she’ll happily go on a five hour hike! Silly pup! ;)

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