Daily Smoothie

SmoothieScott and I have gotten back on the smoothie train.  I have been posting about our smoothies on Instagram using the hashtag #DailySmoothie.

In full disclosure, we don’t have a smoothie every single day, but close!  Some days I don’t have time to make them or we are out of some of the ingredients.  Some days we have premade smoothies, like Green Goodness from Bolthouse Farms.

My goal is to have smoothies often and to share that with you in the hopes that you’ll have smoothies too! Smoothies are a great way to get in some of your servings of fruits and veggies for the day.  They are easy to make with a blender and there are so many varieties and combos to use.

How #DailySmoothie works is, I post a picture of our smoothies on Instagram and Facebook along with the ingredients I used to make it. These recipes usually make 2 large smoothies so that Scott and I each have one.

They can be easily reduced to make one large smoothie.

I know that I always feel better and have a little energy boost when I can have that smoothie.  I also feel good knowing that I got in some additional servings of fruits and veggies!

Do you like smoothies?  If so, join the #DailySmoothie group!  Post and share your smoothies using the hashtag so that we can see what you’re making!

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