Cheese Ball Requests


Every year for the holidays my mom would make a cheese ball and a salmon ball that we were able to enjoy throughout the day.

I loved that cheese ball and it was only later after I asked for the recipe that I realized it was full of things I hated like Velveeta (ew!) and blue cheese (double ew!).  But it tasted amazing on crackers.

I always associate cheese balls and cheese spreads with the holidays.  I don’t know why they kind of went out of fashion.  Maybe people wanted to put out cubes of fancier sounding cheeses.  Maybe people got lazy and it was easier to cut up cheese and set out chunks without worrying about making it look pretty.

I think now that many associate the cheese ball or cheese spread as something cheesy (pun intended) from the 60s.  But I think a cheese ball can be fancy, creative, and a fun thing to have out for entertaining.

I want to help bring the cheese ball back and I can’t do it alone!  You are going to have to help me with this effort!

I am taking submissions with your best or your favorite cheese ball recipe.  Include a picture of the finished product if you can!  If you have a favorite or funny memory about the holidays and a cheese ball, I will be sharing those as well!

If you have your own blog and write a post with a recipe or funny memory, please send me the link and I will include it in a post.

I am taking submissions from now until December 15th by 5pm Mountain Time.  I will begin posting and sharing on Monday, December 16th. 

Let’s work to help bring the cheese ball back as a holiday must have!

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