Bringing In The New Year

New HouseAnother year has passed us by!  And it was another year of big changes for us.

We bought a house and have decided to officially put down roots here in Fort Collins.

That was pretty easy to do and a really easy decision to make.  We love this city and right now it’s perfect for our life in every way.

I picked up two new jobs and one of those jobs I will be leaving in January.

I slacked terribly on the blog and with taking care of myself.  New year brings in new beginnings and I’ll be starting those on January 1st.

We also added to our family this year and she very much deserves a post of her own.  For now this will have to do.  We adopted Miss Hennepin (Penny for short) in October and she’s been a gem ever since.

Avery and Penny, Christmas 2013Avery adores her and she adores him, so we’re very lucky in that way.  Of course she has her quirks but nothing major.  She’s our pretty little girl and we love her to bits.

So much has happened but that’s basically everything summed up.  I have to work on New Year’s Eve but I’ll be picking up some Mexican food on the way home which Scott and I will enjoy while watching some Twilight Zone.

How will you be spending your new year?

2 thoughts on “Bringing In The New Year

  1. Monica says:

    Happy 2014 to you, Scott, Avery and Ms. Penny.
    I am looking forward to the new year. Can’t wait to get all caught up with you!!!

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