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Chickpea Veggie BowlThis was a quick I-Have-To-Go-Grocery-Shopping kind of lunch.  I threw together what I could find in the pantry and some leftovers in the fridge and called it good.

Sauteed carrots, yellow squash, and chickpeas with some prosciutto tossed in.  Salt, Pepper, and some chili powder and I called it lunch.

It was actually pretty tasty and left both of us full for quite a while!

Breakfast SandwichAfter going to the grocery store, I picked up some English style muffins that didn’t have a super long ingredient list to go with it.  The next morning we had breakfast sandwiches with ham, egg, and cheese.

Pork chop and roasted veggiesPork Chops are a favorite around here.  Chops with an Isolation Ale reduction along with some roasted herbed potatoes and carrots.

Breakfast NachosBreakfast Nachos! Scrambled eggs, pork green chili, and shredded cheddar all piled up on some nachos.  Pretty tasty!

Chuck roast with root veggiesSlow Cooker Chuck Roast with a Red Wine Tomato sauce along with potatoes and carrots.  Delicious and super easy to make.  Recipe coming this week!

Back garden areaLast Friday Scott and I finally tackled the back garden area.  This picture was taken months ago, there were a ton more weeds and crap to remove.  I spent 4.5 hours digging this space up.  I had to remove a tree trunk and as I was digging to get where the roots were, I kept hitting bricks.  There were six huge bricks in random spots in the dirt.  I had to dig those out as well.

As we cleared the weeds in the back, we found a chair and a baby gate.  Wha?  I also had to move a bunch of paver stones that someone tossed in there and those things aren’t light.

More yard work on the agenda for today, thankfully I have leftover roast to look forward to!  What are you up to this week?

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