October Intentions

PumpkinsI know that October is almost over but I’ve been thinking about October Intentions ever since September.

While I didn’t knock my September Intentions out of the park, I did do a good job with them.

Exercise More: Nope.  Just didn’t happen.  I felt guilty and annoyed by this but I refuse to feel that way any more.  Either I do it or I don’t, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  I have gone on 45 minute walks almost everyday though because I walk Avery around the neighborhood.

Cook More: YES!  In September I think we got take-out only once or twice.  Both times, while the food was delicious, I felt bloated and a little icky afterwards.  This was a great reminder to me that I always feel better when making food at home.

Game More: Yes and No.  We did game some and finished up BioShock Infinite (which I didn’t care for if you’re interested).  And started Gears of War Judgement, which I also don’t care for so much.

October Intentions:

Exercise: This is going to keep being on the list until I follow through with it. I need to get past my frustration with trying to run at elevation and just do it.

Read: I read everyday.  Sometimes it’s only for 10 minutes a day.  I need to start making this a priority again, to read in bed for an hour each night.  It was my relaxing time and helped me get ready for sleep.

Massage: I have a knot in my shoulder that causes me some pain and I keep putting off having it worked out.  It’s from stress for sure and it acts up on occasion.  I need to get it dealt with because using a tennis ball to try and work out the kink isn’t cutting it any more.


What are your goals for the month?

2 thoughts on “October Intentions

  1. Monica says:

    I just try to survive every day. Exercise – no and I too am frustrated. Cook – no and I feel icky but I have been sticking to cereal for dinner. Football season is so busy for me so I will just be okay until after the first of the year. Then I will be ready for spring.

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