Weekend Waffles

wafflesEver since I’ve been failing miserably with pancakes, I haven’t even given something like waffles, a second thought.

Until this past weekend.  It was Sunday and we had a glorious sleep-in.  I wanted something different for breakfast.  Something a little sweet and something that wasn’t going to take ages to make.

My waffle maker had been recently unpacked and it was sitting there just waiting for a task.  I decided to have a go with some waffles.

If I can’t do pancakes, maybe I can do waffles?  I was hopeful.

I looked online for some recipes and came across one by Martha Stewart that looked easy enough.  It also had the least ingredients so if I failed at least I wouldn’t have wasted too much food.

I did tweak her recipe a little bit by adding 1/2C more flour, cinnamon, and vanilla extract.

Weekend WafflesAnd we were in business!  I was able to make some kick-ass waffles and we enjoyed a lovely Sunday morning breakfast.

It also restored my confidence as I admit that not being able to make something as simple as pancakes has left me feeling a bit defeated.

If we can’t have pancakes, we can have waffles instead!


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