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BackyardOne of the reasons we snatched this house up so quickly and knew it was “the one” is because of the backyard.

It has every single thing we wanted in a backyard and to find that in Old Town is pretty rare.  We knew this was a gem with tons of potential so we jumped quickly on making an offer.

First off, the backyard is entirely fenced in with a 6 foot privacy fence.  There is also three foot fence that encloses the entire front yard.  Each side of the house has fencing and a gate so that the backyard and front yard are separate from each other.

A fenced in yard was a must when deciding on a house.  The fact that front is also fenced is a welcome bonus.  This means that Avery can be out front with us if need be and that other dogs and people don’t have access to our front yard.  Having a gate between the front and back means that Avery only has access to what we want and provides us with a little more control.

In the first picture, the view is looking at the back of the house from the back right corner.  I was directly in front of our shed when I took this picture.  On the right is where our raspberry bushes are and then there is a longer garden bed along the side of the fence.

There is a stone walkway that leads to a stone patio and also a stone walkway that leads to the back gate and out into the alley.

On the right you can also see a smaller fenced in section on the side of the house.  This has no grass and the previous owners used it as a dog run.  It’s nice to have that area and we’re still deciding on what we would like to do with it.

On the left, out of site, are a set of bushes that line the walkway and then a separate fenced in garden area.

Back garden areaAnd here it is, in all of it’s current hot mess glory.  This picture was taken a while ago, the garden is way more weedy and in need of attention at this point.  It’s totally overgrown.

The space is huge and has so much potential! I’m waiting for the weather to cool down a bit and then I’m going to town weeding everything and prepping it for next season.  This right here sealed the deal.

This much garden space downtown, already fenced in, along with the ability to hook up a drip system kind of blew my mind.  I knew this was the one.

1920s ShedAnd here’s the back shed, original to the house and built in 1923.  I love that we do have a space to store outdoor things even if it is open to the elements.  Next to the shed, on the right, is our alley parking space

So to kind of sum up, we lucked out and scored:

  • Entire yard, front and back, fenced in.
  • Large enough yard for Avery to have room to run.
  • Off street parking.
  • Storage shed.
  • Room for a garden.
  • Possible room for chickens or outdoor patio expansion.

Win! The backyard has so much potential and we can’t wait to start digging in and making it more functional along with providing it with more “umph”.

4 thoughts on “Backyard Potential

  1. Mike says:

    This looks great! One of my goals is to get my backyard totally fenced–both for Bailey and to have a little privacy, especially from the passers-by in the alley. Wish i had a shed like that myself, but luckily my one-car garage is more like a 1 3/4 car garage with a workbench, storage cabinet etc.

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