2013 Fall Harvest Brewfest

Verboten Menu at FHBFOne of the biggest reasons that Scott and I moved to Colorado, and Fort Collins specifically, was to have access to more craft beer.

Fort Collins has not disappointed us.  We are constantly finding goodies in our favorite liquor stores.  There’s always something fun being tapped at one of the local bars.  And no matter what, there are always events going on that focus on beer.

This year I went to the Fall Harvest Brewfest which is an event that raises funds for Animal House Rescue.  It’s their biggest fund raiser for the year and last year they brought in over $10,000 that went right to the shelter.

Because I work at Animal House, I was able to attend the event for free.  Scott stayed home with Avery and I went out to go drink some beer, take some pictures, and chat with friends.

Having been to several beer fests, I have to say that this one was done right.  It had the right amount of breweries and distilleries there.  It wasn’t overwhelming or so crowded that you had to stand in line for a while before sampling stuff.

I was given a little sampler glass and walked around to see what goodies I could find.  My plan was to try things that were new to me or things I haven’t seen before.  Most of the breweries played it safe with what they brought.  This isn’t the type of fest where you will find rare or hard to find beers.  But some stuff did stand out and surprised me a bit.

High Hops Brewery at FHBFI love spicy beers and was very excited to discover that High Hops Brewery was there with a Honey Habanero beer.  It was delicious!  Sweet with some heat on the end that wasn’t aggressive or too much to handle.  Just a lovely heat on the finish that contrasted the honey sweetness really well.  It was my favorite discovery of the evening!

KJ Wood Distillers Jinn Gin, FHBFNext up was a locally made gin with a fantastic label.  It’s called Jinn Gin by KJ Wood Distillers.  It has an amazing floral and slightly spicy nose to it but is very smooth with almost no alcohol burn.

I had a little bit of it mixed with some cucumber soda and loved it!  I was also surprised by the cucumber soda, it was refreshing and not overly sweet.

Strange Brewing's Cherry KriekBest looking brew of the night goes to Strange Brewing’s Cherry Kriek.  It was a deep red color and even had a red head to it when poured.  It was tart, crisp, and very refreshing.

It was a fun evening and I was able to discover some new locally made items. Hopefully next year Scott will be able to join me!


Disclaimer: Animal House did not ask me to write this post, I just wanted to share my experience at the event.


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