Sunday Funday

Silver Grill's Vegetarian Huevos RancherosSundays are typically my first day “off” from works (plural intentionally, I have two jobs).  After a full week of being polite, helpful, witty, a problem solver, and just interacting with others in general, this introvert needs a day to just chill.

Sundays are usually that day, where I hermit up and try to talk as little as possible and read a book as much as possible.

This past Sunday though was different.  We had stuff to do and it ended up being one of the best Sundays.

First we went to breakfast at Silver Grill Cafe, which is our favorite breakfast spot in town.  I was in blogger reporter mode as I was gathering info for a guest post.  I had the Vegetarian Huevos Rancheros which was amazing and I’m still dreaming about it.

Then we had some time to kill before a meeting so we walked around downtown for a bit and I was reminded why I love this city so much.

Alley in Fort Collins offDowntown Fort Collins is full of cute and charm.  There are lots of trees along the streets and the shops and restaurants have a nice laid back feel to them.

When you take the time to walk around, you get a chance to see little gems like this.  A brick lined alley between two businesses.  It has street lamps, hanging flowers, twinkle lights strung up, and even a painted piano that you can play if you choose.

We walked around downtown for about an hour just taking our time window shopping and enjoying the atmosphere.  This made me even more stoked about moving downtown where we will be within biking and walking distance to all of this.

Then we moved on to our next meeting of the day where we were able to get a sneak peek and tour of Mainline, a new restaurant that will be opening up downtown right on College Ave.

Old Advertisment, Mainline RestaurantCan’t share any details of the inside just yet but I can show you this really cool old advert painted on the side of the neighboring building.  Mainline has a really nice rooftop dining area and this advert is part of the view.  It was pretty cool looking!

After speaking with the head chef, Eric, about the concept for the restaurant both Scott and I are excited for it’s opening!  It will be providing a cuisine that is definitely lacking in Fort Collins.

So that was the start to our Sunday Funday!  And then I came home and hung out on the patio and read the rest of the day.  It was pretty perfect.



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  1. I am happy I found your blog on Feasting Fort Collins! I have a little blog, not as cool as yours but fun for me :-) It is fun to read what a fellow fort Collins blogger has to say about the restaurants and such in town. I also look forward to trying out some of your recipes!!!

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