Outside Time

Avery and a beer glassOne thing that I wasn’t prepared for when I started working outside of the home again was that time spent outdoors would become seriously limited.

It never occurred to me how much I would miss fresh air.  But working for 9 hours in a building leaves me craving it.  By the time my shift is over, I’m sprinting out the door so I can get home with enough time left to sit on the patio.

Whenever it rains, I get really bummed out.  I know we need the moisture but it also means that I won’t get to sit outside and breathe fresh air.  I get over it quickly but you know, there’s that moment when I’m all pouty and stuff.

Because of this new found limited time, Scott and I have been spending almost all of our free time outside when we can.  Avery loves being outside and is so chill in the backyard that hanging out is a very enjoyable experience for all of us.

On my days off, I spend as much time on the patio as possible.  I mean, like all day.  Only coming inside for lunch and potty breaks.

We hardly watch TV anymore because we’re outside most of the evening.

Our new house will provide amazing opportunities for us to spend more time outside.  We have a lovely private backyard with a patio.  The front porch is large and welcoming, providing space to create nice seating areas.  Plus we’re within walking distance of downtown.

Yes, we’ll get plenty of outside time there and I can’t wait!


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