Our New Space

New Kitchen

I won’t bore you with a big lead up, I’ll just say that Scott and I bought a house!


And also, holy crap that was the most stressful buying experience.

Stressful because the market here is really competitive and we are not competitive people when it comes to home buying.

A bidding war?  No thanks, you can have the house. We’ll find something else.

Originally the plan was to just look and if we found something, awesome.  If not we would rent for another year.

Fast forward a month and we realized we truly hated this rental (truly, madly, deeply) and we absolutely hated the neighborhood.  Neighbors included.

Basically we’re really miserable here.

Plus our landlord said we couldn’t renew the lease because he was moving back into the house.

Sooo that really added the pressure to find something.

All other rentals in the area were pretty overpriced and really icky.  Or geared for college kids.  Buying was our only option and honestly, what we preferred.

We desperately needed our own space again.

Weeks spent looking at houses and nothing was clicking.  Lots of frustration and emotions because time was slipping away and we needed to find a place to live.

I’ll spare you all the details but eventually a house popped up that our realtor thought might fit our needs.  We checked it out that night, fell in love, and put in an offer which was accepted.  All that evening.  (Please note, that’s the generic version. It was definitely a lot more dramatic.)

1920s WindowsAfter inspections, estimates, appraisals, and all that goes into buying a home, today it is finally ours.

Our brand new house.

The previous owners are still living there and will be there for a few more weeks.  Out of respect for them and their privacy, this is why I’m only posting a few generic shots of the house.

I can tell you that the house was built in 1920 and has amazing character, such as the original windows pictured above.  It’s in a freaking fantastic neighborhood and it basically is our “dream” home.

Totally worth the stress to get to this point.

Now the countdown begins until we can start moving our stuff over.  I cannot wait to be there and share our plans!

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  1. Congratulations. Old houses can be a pain but I I love my 1903 vintage house. They have so much more personality and detail than today’s McMansions or Vinyl Village houses.

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