Domestic Day

Stuffed French ToastToday I’m taking a domestic day.  I’ve been feeling a sort of disconnect from cooking, living, and feeling grounded.

To be completely honest, I’ve been feeling this way ever since we moved into this rental.  For some reason this rental has an odd vibe to it that makes me not really want to become one with the space.

I hate it and so I end up not wanting to do anything but sit around and watch the time go by.

Because of that cooking and creativity have suffered.

I’m also still struggling to find a life balance that works for me in our new city.

Add on the hectic schedule of two jobs and that means poor Scott is living with a tired and cranky me.

He is such a trooper and good guy.  He deserves a medal.

Today though, I’m tossing aside my desire to not be here (in this space) and take a day where I focus on cooking and relaxing.  Cooking is a stress reliever for me and even though the kitchen isn’t the greatest, it’s functional and that’s just fine.  That’s all I need.

I need to remember the motto of this blog:

Embrace Food, Embrace Life.

I haven’t been doing too much of that, instead focusing on being negative and angsty.  Ain’t no one got time for that.

Including me.

So today, I’m choosing not to be that way. I’m choosing to be happy and chill.  I’m going to tackle some stuff around the house, I’m going to experiment in the kitchen, and I’m going to cook for my two loves.

No sense wasting time being a negative jerk.  Instead I’m choosing to embrace our current situation and roll with it.

6 thoughts on “Domestic Day

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Andrea. You’ve really put some of my thoughts and feelings into words. Work keeps me in the kitchen, but on a personal level, I have to admit I feel the same way about our new space. “Become one with the space” is such a great way to put it. I can’t seem to get there. I hope things turn around soon and that this day is just what you needed!

    • Thanks Lori! It’s so strange because I’ve never had a problem with a space before, even if I didn’t love it. Maybe it’s age or maybe it’s because I had my own house for so long but I am really struggling to handle this space.

  2. Happy you’re taking this day. You deserve it. I’ve been living in a rental for 3 years, and it’s never felt like mine. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it a space you enjoy (I’m learning that the hard way – I could have done these projects years ago!)

    • That’s so very true Rose! We’ve lived here almost a year and I still haven’t unpacked everything. Only the essentials, like I can’t bring myself to fully unload.

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