Adjustment Period

Trail at Kindness RanchBig changes have been going on here at the HQ and I’m in the process of trying to find a new normal. Not sure if that’s going to happen any time soon though!

I now have two part time jobs that I’m juggling which has brought up new challenges in terms of finding a work/life balance.

I’m in the position where meal planning and prep is very important and I’m learning how to make the most of the free time that I have.

Working from home, I didn’t really have to worry about meal planning. I created my own schedule so finding time to create meals wasn’t a big deal.

Now that I’m out of the house early in the morning and don’t get home until late evening, prepping and planning have become key.

So far I would not say that I’m succeeding but that doesn’t mean I’m failing either.  I need to get better with planning and prepping.  Practice makes perfect.

If you meal plan, I would love to hear some tips and suggestions.  Also any blogs you read that post meal plans and have great recipes, I would appreciate!

Figuring out how to fit working out into the schedule is also key.  Right now it’s none existant and that just isn’t ok.  Working out is a huge stress reliever for me and I need to add it back in!

Scott and I are also in the process of looking for a house to buy.  This will be our third home, if we can find one.  However this is our first time dealing with a highly competitive seller’s market.  Stress levels are through the roof!

Lots going on and big adjustments for us all.  I need to remember to breathe and stay calm!

Now that we’re caught up, tell me what’s going on in your life!

2 thoughts on “Adjustment Period

  1. I spent a week with a horribly wonky neck! I managed to strain it in a bad way. Let’s put it this way, in the space of a week I had two massages, five chiropractic appointments, and one visit to the doctor for pain killers and muscle relaxants. I never want to go through that again!!!

  2. A little late, but here are my meal planning tips: I keep a running list on my iphone/ipad of recipes I want to make sometime soon. So if I find something in a food mag or pin a blog post or have recently thumbed through one of my cookbooks, I’ll add it to the list (using the notes app). Then I usually sit down one of the days before shopping when I’ve got a few free minutes at work and pull meals into each day at the top of that list, taking into account which days will need quick meals due to schedules, when we’ll be out, making sure to balance meat-heavy and vegetarian meals, etc., and filling in with some of our favorites (I try to do about half new recipes and half standbys). I use that list to make the shopping list, loosely grouping by place (farmers market, Whole Foods, regular grocery).

    I’ve found this works best for me because I can access it anytime, anywhere, to add to or change it or consult the list for shopping.

    Figuring out a new schedule is no fun – I hope things settle down for you soon!

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