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Farmer's Market Veggies I was recently contacted about a new online app that is geared towards home gardening.  It helps families learn what they can grow, how they can grow it, and when to start planting.

The app is called Sprout It and after playing around with it, I have to tell you that I’m kind of in love.

Here’s the description from their webpage:

Sprout it is a web-based application designed to make growing simple. Helping people get in touch with a better way of growing, living and eating, Sprout it is the app that partners with gardeners. Allowing users to explore what they can grow, Sprout it helps people set up customized plans uniquely suited to their gardens. Supporting your gardening activities throughout the season with notifications, reminders and encouragement, Sprout it provides gardening guidance from sowing to harvest. Sprout it is empowering everyone – from experienced gardeners to first-timers – to grow with more success and confidence, right at home.

As a very much beginner homesteader, this app is right up my alley.  Not only does it provide tips on what I can grow but I can also use it to plan out a garden and keep track of everything I decide to grow.

Since we are renting and I can’t build raised beds for a garden, everything I do will be done in containers.  This app tells me what I can grow in containers and how to manage it.

I admit that I find this completely awesome!

This app is also great for families who want to start growing more of their food at home and can help you teach your children how grow and manage a garden.

You can pick what veggies and herbs you want to grow and then create a “Grow Plan” for each item.  The Grow Plan tells you all you need to know about how to successfully grow that particular plant.

This app is perfect for beginners because it provides steps and tasks along the way!

If you are looking to start growing more of your own veggies and want to get your kids involved, Sprout It is perfect!  They even have some suggestions for you on creating a garden with your family:

10 Easy Ideas to Get Growing Together as a Family

Ready to get growing? Here are 10 fun, easy ideas from Sprout it (www.gosprout.it) to get started:

  • Grow a pizza garden: Plant three of your favorite veggies, plus three of your favorite herbs, and you’ve got a pizza garden the whole family will love. This version is even shaped like a pie!
  • Grow a rainbow garden: Who says veggies have to be green? From blue potatoes to rainbow mix carrots, kids will love this colorful garden idea.
  • Eat what you grow: This week-by-week plan from Parents magazine will teach even the pickiest eaters to enjoy their veggies. (What better way to grow your kids’ love for gardening than teaching them how delicious what they’re planting can be?)
  • Fun with food: If you’re still having trouble getting your kids to eat the veggies they’ve grown, try arranging them in a fun shape, like a skeleton or a bicycle.
  • Go for a walk: Take a family tour of a local greenhouse or community garden to get your kids inspired to start growing.
  • Combine work and play: Save some space in your garden for a kid-friendly game (think Tic Tac Toe or Hopscotch) that you can play for a few minutes when you need a break from planting.
  • Make your own letter stones: Even if your kids are too young to plant, they can still help add a personal touch to your garden with these homemade letter stones.

Encourage your kids to keep track of their hard work by jotting down notes, or even drawing pictures, in a gardening journal (Here’s a free, printable template to get them started!). Flip through the pages every few weeks to see what you’ve accomplished together.

You can also take this app on the go!  The website is responsive so it will be easy to read on your smartphone or tablet while you’re at the garden store.  They are also currently working on a mobile version of this app and I will be sure to let you know when that is available!

If you are starting a garden this year, definitely check out Sprout It! to help you with your planning!

Disclaimer: I was contacted and asked to check out this app and asked to create a post about it. 

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