Kitchen QT

Homemade Mayo It felt like forever since I had spent some quality time in the kitchen. I was starting to get cranky. I hadn’t really cooked much, tried new recipes, or had any significant amount of time with food. I needed to change that and quickly.

Last Friday when I got back home after volunteering at the shelter, I spent the rest of the day in the kitchen.

I made some mayo.  Homemade mayo is so much better than store bought and yes there will be a recipe soon!

Veggies for AveryI made some veggies for Avery’s meals.  Very similar to the veggies that I used to make for Rocks.

BBQ SauceI experimented and made some new BBQ sauce.

I also made chocolate chip cookies and banana bread.


I also spent time with this punk.



Being able to cook and spend time in the kitchen made a huge improvement on my mood!  This week I plan on making sure that I get even more time in the kitchen cooking up some stuff.

On the dockett for today is beef stock to be used in some shepherd’s pie!



One thought on “Kitchen QT

  1. I could use a day like that – time to prep, cook, bake all the things I would like to for the week. Alas, my next day off with nothing to do is mostly likely in the very distant future. Say…end of June when I finish internship?

    Looking forward to hearing how the mayo turned out. Homemade mayo is on my to try list.

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