Our Holiday 2012

Holiday 2012 Our holiday break was extremely low key this year.  Well it’s always pretty low key as that’s how we like it, but this year was even more low key.

We stayed in and just did whatever we felt like doing.  Mostly that involved playing video games.  We also renewed our tradition of watching LOTR over the break.

We ran a little bit and indulged in flavored coffees roasted by a local vendor.  Jackie’s Java holiday blends are excellent, if you’re local, make sure to get some! Some mornings may have even seen a dash or two of bourbon in the coffee, but you didn’t hear that from me.

We went out to dinner one night at a restaurant that we’ve been eyeing for quite sometime.  We had a really horrible experience causing much discussion that extended into the next day.

We had some amazing eats here at home that included grass-fed prime rib roast and some pastured country pork ribs slow simmered in sauerkraut.

Beer was plentiful but the company was even better.

It’s been a long year.  A very long year.  It was nice to be able to kick back, do whatever, and not have any plans other than deciding which brew to open next and what to eat for dinner.

How was your holiday?  Restful and relaxing I hope!

4 thoughts on “Our Holiday 2012

  1. Monica says:

    It was quite a year huh? We both lost our fur babies and the pain of that won’t leave for a while. There is always a whole in my heart.
    I lost my job. You moved away.
    2013 will be a year of new adventures.
    I will be working out more as January 1 marks 6 months of hives so hopefully I am half done.

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