New Smoked Salmon Experience

Smoked SalmonOn New Year’s Day, we had something new for breakfast, smoked salmon with cream cheese on baguette slices.

Nothing fancy and something that people have been eating for breakfast forever but for us it was new.  I spied some local smoked salmon (the company was local, the salmon was wild caught) while out shopping and decided to get some to try out.

I love smoked salmon but have only had the traditional thin slices of smoked salmon, the kind that still looks like it’s raw even though it is not.

I enjoy that style a great deal but only can eat so much of it before the texture starts to squick me out.

The new style I bought looked and flaked like regular cooked salmon.

Smoked Salmon

It was delicious! I made a quick little cream cheese spread to go with it, nothing complicated. I mixed some chopped green onion and dried dill with about 4oz of cream cheese.

The filet that I purchased was large and there was no way that we could get through it all.  I portioned out the leftovers and stuck them in the freezer for another day.

I’m already dreaming of all the things I can make with this new style of smoked salmon!

Do you enjoy smoked salmon? I know some folks can find it a little over powering in flavor.

4 thoughts on “New Smoked Salmon Experience

  1. Monica says:

    I love smoked salmon but was leary of it for breakfast due to the pronounced flavor but mixed with the cream cheese I bet it was good. Might have to venture out and try it. I wish there was a good deli in my area.

  2. I love smoked salmon! Or salmon candy nuggets (oh yes, these exist). Or just regular ol’ fresh salmon. I think it’s my west coast showing, but salmon is delightful. And you have just reminded me I have a package of homemade smoked salmon in my freezer that needs to be put to good use.

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