Beer With A Side Of Poutine

Lugene Milk Stout and PoutineOne of our resolutions for 2013 is to make sure that we get out and explore our new city.

We have a tendency to be homebodies but we are actively trying to change that.  Part of the reason we moved to Colorado was to be able to do more things.  We wanted an outdoor lifestyle combined with lots of local events.

And in a perfect world some of that stuff would include beer and great food.

Thankfully for us, Fort Collins offers all of those things.

Last Sunday we got our of our jammies and headed over to Odell for the release of their new chocolate milk stout, Lugene.

Fort Collins is also seeing a rise in their food truck scene (hooray!) and Odell had some trucks out for their event.

Common Link Poutine

We sat in the sun, drank some stout, and enjoyed some poutine from Common Link.  It was my first time having poutine but I knew I would love it because I adore gravy fries.  They were steaming hot and full of flavor! Perfect for the chilly January afternoon.

Scott and I sipped our beers and talked about how thankful we are to be here.  It’s exactly what we were looking for.



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