A Lot Of Nothing

Balloon Fiesta Morning Launch Talking with my mom on the phone the other night she asked me, “Are you doing anything with your website?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean like are you even writing for it?”


And I had to tell her that recently I have not been.  Normally I don’t fall victim to blog slumps.  Writing a food blog pretty much means limitless inspiration and topics to discuss.  I have a little note taking plugin that fits right on my WordPress dashboard where I jot down topics I want to discuss.

It’s currently empty.

I have been doing a whole bunch of nothing for the last few months.  We haven’t really gone anywhere or done anything exciting.  Save for our poutine and stout adventure.  I haven’t been experimenting in the kitchen too much or making any new recipes.  I guess that I really haven’t been inspired and I’m not really seeing anything new in the blogsphere.  Maybe I should browse Pinterest more?

Part of it is that we’re still trying to set up shop here and find our new normal.  Or maybe I’m just in a slump on what to write.

I’m sure that everyone has gone through slumps at some point.  I admit that I’m a little surprised by mine!

2 thoughts on “A Lot Of Nothing

  1. Diana says:

    I have felt that way for a little while and I wonder if so many people have jumped in that it’s difficult to feel original. So I’m trying to be me and not worry about if anyone has seen it someplace else or even on my blog before. Just be who I am.

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